Mar 9, 2016

We are running out of numbers

  India's population going to cross 1 billion in a while, wait we already achieved that milestone, don't we? of course we made it, but this is about the mobile numbers.

We are using 10 digit format for mobile phone numbers in India, means a billion numbers maximum. For a population of 1.2 billion+ people, this 10 digit format is logically, practically is not enough.
We are running out of mobile numbers, numbers, sim card, Indian mobile number, cell phone number

   As of now, a person can buy 9 mobile numbers legally in India. Few years back, there is no restriction for that, so some people bought hundreds of sim cards and retailers also misused the system.

An average Indian owns at least two mobile numbers, one for professional/business use and the other one for personal use. Thanks to the dual sim enabled phones.
Every month, there are 2 million new sim cards sold by the network operators.

For now, the network operators recycling (reuse) the Inactive mobile numbers to solve the number outage issue. But sooner or later, 11 digit or 12 digit mobile numbers will be circulated.
But increasing digits is not a child's play, it will collide with international numbering standards. DoT (Department of Telecommunications) only knows the future of numbers.

Who owns your cell number - Operator version of MNP

 There are two types of MNP(Mobile Number Portability) available in India, we all familiar with the one that is option to choose your operator without changing your mobile number.
     But there is another type of MNP exists in India, that's for the mobile operators. The option to choose the active customer.
If you are not using your mobile number(switched off /lost) continuously for 2 months, you may lose your number. It's as simple as that.
Sim card, mobile number, network operator, MNP, mobile number portability,

Two incidents:

  1. We switched off our father's cell phone after he passed away(in 2012), within three months, I accidentally called his number, but some strange lady took the call and I triple checked the number, it's the same number, but some stranger owns it now. 
  2. Vice versa: Recently, I bought a new Sim card from a roadside retailer, I am receiving strange calls and messages because I owns someone's number now. It's happening to my brother, cousins, friends and almost half of the cell phone population in India. 

Eventually, few questions arise,
Who is responsible for this?
Of course the network operator and the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)

Is there any time period there for unused Sim card deactivation?
As per TRAI rules, unused mobile numbers will be deactivated in two months. Probably, the network operator can sell it to the new customers.


The operator must inform
Before deactivation, the mobile operator must inform or get approval from the customer by calling him( friend or relative's number) or through email.
 When I buy a Sim card and activated it using a government issued photo ID, I am the damn owner of that number. The process is similar to registering a motor vehicle or land registration. So, the number definitely associated with me.
  Take another example, if you are a tenant in a rental house, you are living there for a certain time and for some reasons the house owner needs the house, can he just kick you out from the house?

If I buy a new Sim card and the previous owner of that number associated with fraudulent activities or pro terror activities, is it OK?
(You can imagine thousands of similar examples or even worse)

Today everybody talking about privacy, but nobody cares about this issue.

Mar 2, 2016

Total number of living things on planet earth

We are living in a larger world than we think, after reading the numbers, you say that too. If it comes to population, we only think about ourselves, humans.
 Do you know how many trees are there in the planet Earth? or the number of Elephants?
Total population of animals, number of trees, money, bees, bacteria, elephant, lion, tiger, species,

Let's see the numbers,

  • Trees, 3 trillion
  • Birds, 100 billion - 400 billion 
  • Bacteria, 4 quadrillion quadrillion 
  • 10 billion billion Ants(including many species) 
  • Cattle 1.4 billion
  • We Humans, 7.4billion
  • Antarctic krill, 500 trillion
  • Sheep, 1.1 billion
  • Chickens 18.6 billion
  • Bees, 6.5 billion 
  • Great whales, 3 million
  • Monkeys, 1.2 million (including lemurs and apes) 
  • Elephants, 0.5 million
  • Cats, 600 million
  • Dogs, 525 million approximately 
  • Rhinos, less than 28899 (including black rhinos, Asian rhinos and all subspecies)
  • Tigers, 3000+ 
  • Lions, less than 32000.

Counting trees may sound easy, but the folks who did, spent two years for that alone. Similarly, counting every bird on earth is the humongous task, that's why they end up with an approximate data.

 Calculating the bio-mass of a species is widely accepted method. It's hard to find the exact number of any species, so they choose this method.

I(We) have to accept that no number is accurate, but they are really closer to the real one.
 Point is not just counting, but knowing that earth belongs to all.
We are just a part of this big group and part of this wonderful planet, every living thing has the right to live. Enough said.
So, don't take it for granted.

Sources for numbers: world biodiversity atlas and some other sources.  

Feb 26, 2016

Google brain and Facebook heart

 Google is our Brain,
Facebook is our heart in an Internet world.
        - Arun Alwar
Google, Facebook, heart, brain, blue heart, white background, cyber brain, Internet

Brain controls our activities in the non Internet world,  Google does it in the internet world. We tap Google for almost every information we looking for, Google provides the most relevant information we need as per our past Internet behavior(past searches, cookies activities related to our Google account.) Google pretty much acts like a brain,  so, it's our brain. Right?

We express ourselves  (include Whatsapp  too) through Facebook in the internet world. We connect with our friends and family and fake friends; we share good mornings, good evenings, New years, selfies, hates, likes, unlikes and on. So, Facebook, heart.
Thus nothing...
That's all folks.

Feb 23, 2016

Blogging becomes premium - It's time to blog

I never liked to be called as a blogger, I prefer Web publisher. The term Blogger/blog/blogging, somehow sounds diminishing to me or I felt  little less. But now those little thoughts are fading away from my mind because of the following reasons.
Blogging, blog, blogger

  • I think we are living in the Facebook era, now people sticks with on creating memes and trolling Facebook pages. Everyone almost forgot the concept of blogging. Blogging became old school. 
  • New Internet users mostly access the apps, Google is their Internet. With or without "freebasics" they access fb, Whatsapp and they have no idea about blogging. 
  • There is of course a bunch of people doing some blog thing, Paid writers. They are not bloggers, they are  just news writers and please don't consider gadget reviews. 

So, blogging only for pro players and  bloggers are limited edition people now. If you love to do blogging, do it in a real way.

Feb 22, 2016

There is no point in blogging

December 31, 2014, the last time I updated this blog. It's a pretty long gap for a blogger/publisher. I'm not a regular blogger or professional blogger(nobody is), I'm not obsessed with blogging. I don't care about the page rank, alexa rank, AdSense revenue or site traffic, I don't count Facebook likes. That's the past, present and on.

If I say I'm too busy to update, I'm lying. The sole reason is, "nobody cares." I love to blog, I get organic traffic, but the average internet user needs everything on Facebook.

 Whenever I read my writings, I get some inspiration from me and when I write, I reinvent myself every single time.

That's the sole reason why I'm going to blog again. Love ya.

Dec 31, 2014

Happy Pinky New year - Pinky wishes

Happy pinky new year - pinky wishes

"Happy pinky new year, " shades of pink may fill in our consciousness.
Pink, somehow related to women. May all of our female humans lead a safest year and may all male humans treat our women in a good way.

Pink also means love. So, shades of pink may spread love across borders.

And keep your pinky promises...

           A very happy pinky new year...
                                         -   Arun Alwar

Nov 28, 2014

Cats wins the Dogs

Like I said in the previous post, Being a pet is the best way of surviving.
Cats are little less understood animals than dogs in general. But cats are coolest pets.

Dogs and cats have their own way of that Survival instinct.

Dogs are more active
Fetching a ball or Frisbee catching or walking, dogs are the best.
Watch dogs
Dogs keep strangers away. Not Chihuahuas.

Cats are less active
  • This is a good quality when you got visitors because Dogs don't treat your guests well. But cats do. Cats, shy away from your guests and behave cute and cuddly.
Cats wins the dogs, cat vector, white cat, white furry dog

Cats are child-like
  • Cats are pets mostly because they are baby like cute.
    Few Chihuahua like dogs are pets because of the same baby like cuteness.
    Being the pet is a greatest Survival instinct.

Cats are less stinks
  • They clean themselves with water
    Cats bury their waste in Garden or litter box and it's easy to train a cat. Dogs also can be trained, but cats naturally bury their urine and feces.
  • In wild cat culture, bodily waste determine the borders of big cats like Lions. If other cats urinate in the premises (they know the smell), it's a threat to the livelihood. So, small cats bury their waste and survive in peace.

Cats save our food
  • In India, rodents are bigger threat to our food grains. Cats are the ultimate rodent Hunters. Without cats we have way too small amount of food.

Cats are Silent
  • They say, Barking dogs seldom bite. But barking makes your neighborhood as noise of hell.

    Cats are simply and definitely much less noisy.

Cats are natural debuggers
  • They hunt every spider in the wall, every cricket in the garden and every fly in the house. They simply hunt insects of all sorts.


Survival of the smartest - Being pet animals

Being the pet is a greatest Survival instinct.

How many wild animals left in the world?

  • There are less than 28899 rhinos (including black rhinos, Asian rhinos and all subspecies).
  • There are just 3000+ Tigers in the world. 
  • Lions, less than 32000.
Now, how many pet animals are there?
  • How many dogs in the world?

    At least 525 million approx imately, now it could be more than 530 million dogs living in the world.
  • How many cats?
    There are Whooping 600 million and more cats living in this planet.
Survival of the smartest - Being pet, pet background,  cat, dog,Parrot, elephant, dalmatian,

How can these cats and dogs outnumbered the wild predators in the world ?
One word. Pet.

How pet works

  • Human beings are the Supreme earth species now(as we think). We occupied almost every possible horizon in this planet. 
  • All the harmful animals are mostly extinct. 
  • If other animals need to live here, they need to be human friendly. 

In other words, Pets.

Being pet is the best way to survive in this planet.

Dolphins, Elephants, Parrots, dogs, cats and on. All are somehow obey humans and some are "Pedomorphic", means Child-like.

Everyone loves a baby like thing. We even like the lion Cubs and Tigers cubs because of the baby like cuteness. That's human nature.

Poultry animals are also harmless, but they get eaten because they are not child-like, dumb and taste good.

Advantages of being a pet animal

  • People don't eat their pets. 
  • Easy food and on time. 
  • And Survival of the own species. 

People don't eat cats and dogs in most part of the world because they are emotionally attached with them.

We humans maybe the survival of the fittest. But pets are survival of the smartest.


Nov 24, 2014

Men Men - What men are obsessed with

In today's India, men are the one needed to be educated.

Instead of blaming women for what they wear, society must understand that there is something wrong with the men.

This is not a coincidence,
A cab driver or a well educated magazine editor or a politician or a holy man or a school teacher, police man.. There is a culprit in every where and culprit men behave in the same inappropriate manner when it comes to women.

So, there's something wrong with the men.
Leave aside those things.
Men Men - What men are obsessed with, Male symbol in a green background

What men are obsessed with..

  • Every Male is a pervert at some extent. But being obsessed with it is not good.
  • How many offensive adult jokes out there? Could be a billion.
  • Adult comics and that famous "bhabhi comics" and stories are damn hit.
  • Scandal videos, hidden camera videos.
  • According to browsing trends, adult sites manages to stay at the top 100 sites around the Internet every day.

That tells us how badly men good at this.

By the way,
Watching too much Porn (more than 6 hours a week) may affect your self esteem.

All the sections of media are just exploiting men with these adult content in some way.

And there is Alcohol. ( I wrote at least a dozen alcohol posts so leave it there...).

To be honest, there are much less good things for men or men more focused in those things.