To Selvaraghavan

We make history one of the boring subject, that's why guy like Selvaraghavan making historic films(?) like "aayirathil oruvan".
We could proudly say this film was a success of Mekale education system in our country. The genius selva didn't explain few things(he may thought viewers also have to go muang hua iceland...) like shadow of nataraj and haunting mantras.
Shadow of nataraj:
Ancient cholas are so advanced in architecture, one of the unique technique was invisible rock sculptures. Comparing to tanjore temple it's nothing.

Haunting mantras:
It's pure science, human cannot tollerate a sound more than 90 decibals. Consequences bloody ears(..same blood), psychological illness and on.

Come back to the story, in a history movie why the director adding current politics (army rapes similar to srilanka)?. "No censor cut for army rapes"?.

Exceeded amount of profanity( vulgar dialoques, vulgar scenes ) and why the film started with the title that says "this film not about cholas and pandias" , then i could say this article not about aayirathil oruvan and selva.

Our request to selva and the others don't portray history in a wrong way, in other words

"Don't try this at films ".