inshallah Sania

Well sania made news again , this time its big. Sania mirza veteran tennis player playing the game over the border this time. This is really a shocker to a normal Indian,
a sports icon, an idol, a role model for youth and she means a lot to an Indian. Sania have all the rights to make her decisions and no one have any rights to bother it, But a girl like sania have some responsibilities on her shoulder. We Indians always have an anti Pakistan mindset, which makes us hard to take sania's decision. She got Indian government awards, honours and most of all one billion Indian hearts. Popularity comes with responsibility, it may be an Indo Pak peace making wedding (its her word) but over the Billion broken hearts.

Some Questions:
  • does any Indian Muslim married an overseas Muslim?
Actually yes. Many Indian Muslim women married overseas men,Mostly to Arab men because of the wealthiness and in Muslim community more than nationality religion does matters. In fact Shoaib malik's ex wife(not divorced yet) was an Indian and Hyderabad girl too(not sania's neighbor though..).

  • Are we Indians not broadminded?
Of course not we accepting an Italian woman in to our parliament(not yet a prime minister) and it's not a broadminded event because she did not pick a Pakistani Hindu or a christian, so it's between Muslims.

  • Are they Indians or just Muslims?
If it's about my next door Jafar, he was an Indian and a Muslim too. He never marry a Pakistani girl, If it's about sania mirza .. o.k Indians wish her indopak peace wedding.