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How many of you avoid a product  Made in china?,  then you should read this...

Apple, Sony,Fisher price,Nokia, GAP,and on . Guys if you avoid Made in china then you have to avoid these brands also.

 In 1979 Deng Xiaoping  open the doors for the worlds manufacturers to china, China attracted the big brands because of the cheap labors,raw materials and efficiency. So all the big names went to china, after thirty years of manufacturing china became World's manufacturer.   But now china start selling its products directly to the world market, now the big names shouting to the world Made in China products are harmful.

Lets see the world class brands Made in China,
fisher price baby care products, fisher price made in china,
nuby,nuby baby care products,nuby made in china
Baby care:  We take prior care for our babies, but our baby brands like Fisher-Price,Nuby and many of our leading baby brands are Made in China.
Even  Indians are following the western companies, MeeMee,1st step
and lots of Indian baby  brands were also Made in China.These companies have to speak up whether china brands are not harmful to babies or have to stop saying Made in China harmful to you.  Some companies have labels Made for (ex. Made for MeeMee), these are also Made in China.

China  was the only toy manufacturer in the world, wait ..wait.. other countries are buying raw materials from china. so China almost the only toy manufacturer in the world. Christmas is a season of joy and gifts,  during  the Christmas time around  90 percent of goods in the world market are Made in China .

Mobile Phones :
Nokia mobile phones made in china, china mobile phones,Nokia logo made in china
Nokia  the largest Mobile phone seller around the world, the largest mobile seller actually Made in China. Other companies like Sony also Made in China, But when Chinese directly entering the market they pressurize the governments to ban on them because of their market.

We have to understand few things about brands and Made in China,
  • Made in China or Asia are not actually bad.
  • Chinese are cheap as well as good in manufacturing and Indians are cheap as well as good  in IT .But both of the Asians have to depend on Brands. 
  • Most of the electronic goods, gift items,accessories,baby needs,plastic goods, furniture etc. are Made in China.
    •  These Brands are only marketing companies of Made in China or we can say,the technology is foreign but the manpower and production are Chinese.


    1. Man its amazing,I am worried Chinese gonna became the only manufacturer... and world gonna depend on chinese

    2. "Made in china" its an eye opener man, how many of us looking that where its made?.All spam Corporate brands that's a big shocker, these Brands only looking for money . Nice one Madura beats..

    3. Apple made in china, why they say its branded?.. What about Iphone..

    4. Why Chinese ? what about Indians.. we are not making anything?

    5. Fisher price also made in china i cant believe.,US also have unemployment so why don't these US companies give jobs to them?

    6. super man great eye open for us

    7. supera thambi innum neraya ethir paakrom unta

    8. How many times Fisher-Price had a recall because of toxic junk from China? Sorry, but I don't want to poison my baby.


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