Jesus of India

Jesus of Nazareth,Jesus of India 

Jesus the lord for majority of people in the world, Jesus the revolutionist Jew from Nazareth,  came to India twice.
.Jesus always surrounded by controversies; there are two theories about Jesus came and lived in India .
  • Missing years of Jesus (13 to 30)  .
  • Jesus lived in Kashmir after his Crucifixion. 
Missing years of Jesus :
According to the gospels,  Jesus born in Jerusalem- soon his family migrated to Nazareth and he lived there till his death. But none of them have records about his missing years during 13-30 of his life. After the missing years, Jesus started  preaching about love, new religious thoughts similar to eastern thoughts  around people. Jesus became a scholar and a holy man, So what happened in the missing years?.. This speculation creates lots of theories and one of the convincing theory was Jesus came to India for educational purposes.
  • In those days India was the only complete civilized country, Nalanda university  The first university of the world was located in India. So possibly Jesus came to India for studying,
  • Osho and other  modern spiritual masters, saying the same kind of stories.
  • A well known Russian journalist Nicholas notovitch published a book in 1894, Book name is The Unknown life of Jesus Christ . He claims that during the missing years Jesus came to India to learn Philosophy,Buddhism and other healing techniques,Hindu Brahman scholars taught Jesus. The ancient scrolls of Tibet evidently calling Jesus as Issa. Nicholas Notovitch faced lots of trouble for writing this book(obviously..).
 Jesus lived in Kashmir after the Crucifixion
  This is another story of Jesus related to India and the more convincing one, If this story is true then the above story was also be true. According to gospels and written records, Crucifixion of Jesus happened in Friday after noon. After three hours body of Jesus(or unconscious Jesus) carried in to the tomb, Resurrection of Jesus happened in three days. Historians does not agree with the gospels because a human could survive six days after the Crucifixion, Even a brutally punished human can survive till 48 hours. So Jesus never died in the cross.
There are two stories about Jesus after crucifixion, Some says Jesus went to southern France. But theologists evidently says, Jesus  traveled to India and Jesus  lived in the mountain kingdom of Kashmir till the age of 80.
  • Yuz asaf was the name of Jesus in Kashmir, According to the Kashmir people Yuz asaf was a Jew holy man.
  • A scattered group of Jew tribal already exist in Kashmir, so Jesus chose Kashmir to live his rest of life.
  • An inscription in Temple of Solomon(Srinagar) says Yuz Asaf a prophet from Israel.
  • Yuz asaf have a wife and children, He was preaching about love and kindness among the Kashmir valley people. He lived a peaceful life and died in the age of eighty, his body was buried in Srinagar.Yuz Asaf was revered as a prophet (by Ahmadi Muslims) and a holy man (by Hindus and Buddhists). The tomb of Yuz Asaf is Roza Bal shrine, located in the Khanyar district of Srinagar, Kashmir. This is claimed to be the tomb of a man who was both a prince and a prophet and is claimed to date to about 112 AD. Until the arrival of Islam in Kashmir, the tomb was maintained by Buddhists and Hindus who claim descent from Yuz Asaf. After the Islam invasion, the tomb was shared by another Muslim holy man in 15th century.
  • So if Jesus stories are true, We can call him Jesus of India not Jesus of Nazareth.

Other Speculations about Jesus:
  • In Hebrew language, the letter J never exists. They called Jesus as Yoshua. In Greek Jesus was Isu.
  • According to the theologists, Christianity adopted many other god's stories. Mithra a pagan god (some say Persian god, ) have lots of similarities with Jesus (Actually Jesus have many similarities with Mithra), Mithra's birthday was December 25(that's a big similarity). Not over yet, Virgin birth concept was there in Mithra ism. Mithra was a Sanskrit word , so he could be a Hindu god. 
  • Lord Krishna and Christ, we can understand the names even similar. The birth of Krishna and Christ were similarly foretold(their birth was danger to the king..), Both have missions, Christos was the Greek word for both Krishna and Christ.
  • Qur'an  the holy book of Muslims, Mentioning Jesus 26 times. Qur'an says, Jesus was also a messenger of god like Mohamed .
  • Teachings of Jesus and Buddha was similar, Both Jesus and Buddha teaches love and peace.
  • Even though Jesus was the lord in Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth was actually a Jew. But Jews saw him as a destroyer of Jews. Some extremely says The Judas betrayal cause the Crucifixion of Jesus, So people saw all Jews as JudasJesus cause the Jew hatred around the world.. But some modern Jews Accepting Jesus as a Jew Messiah.
  • During a construction work in Jerusalem Israel at the spring of 1980, Archeologists found a tomb which could be The Lost Tomb Of Jesus. They found a collection of Ossuaries (Coffins), which is belongs to Jesus and his family. The discovery channel documentary was banned in India.
The curiosity to find out Jesus  reflects in most of the speculations. Whether Jesus  was a messiah or a holy man, One thing is for sure that Jesus still alive through these speculations. Jesus not just belongs to one religion or one race, Jesus belongs to all humanity.

The post never means to hurt anyone's sentiment or any religion, It is a Curiosity about the great man lived on Earth. The information above are collected from reliable news broadcasting companies (BBC,Discovery Channel ).


  1. Hardly... nice. it was weird as four davinci code movies .. Jesus belongs to all humanity.

  2. don't speculate like Hollywood ..good stories

  3. Here is a video describing the vedic technology Jesus used to survive the crucifixion.

    Youtube (The truth about Jesus Crucifixion).

  4. All the other articles were informative but this one is not.... Please refer the Book urself before any of this..... This cud be termed as false prophecy in christianity. One truth is Jesus belongs to humanity and about the Yuz asaf, many disciples traveled all over the world to preach about Jesus. Many believers were scattered by jews and some ended up in India. One proof is St. Thomas mount in chennai and similar one in mumbai. Maybe it too was a believer from Israel. Aryans have narrated stories to make them above all Indians. And to add Ramayana and Mahabharatha are epics not history...... It is based on the brahman kings of then. People all over world are researching about Jesus... and y was the discovery episode banned only in India which has more of hindu population. Sorry if I was rude, Know Indian History before postingg such humbugs

  5. Hoping to see my prior post if u truely seek information here....

  6. Thanks for adding comments .. and Caroline M Ramanan started a debate too ..that's really good. Our humble reply, Here we never post any humbugs as some said here. We posted your comments Caroline M.Ramanan. So we are not against your thoughts too .But.. since you've started Aryan invasion theory. You must know the history of this land madam..Ramayana and Mahabharata are also history of this very land( the latest archeology results says those are not stories ..). May the god bless all.

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