Bindi the destroyer

Bindi The destroyer,Indian Bindi,Hindu cultural symbol, Japan flag 

Bindi have long traditional identity for Indian woman,
a symbol of Hindu. Bindi refers to third eye in Hindu mythology.For a typical Indian woman, bindi is part of her face.  Bindi becomes a new fashion item in other countries like America(Hannah Montana girl wearing it... ).
Today in India, Bindi becomes the biggest threat to our ecology. I'm talking about Sticker Bindi, the key ingredient in these instant sticker Bindis are Lead(Pb). Lead is a metal based chemical component which can cause cancer in some cases Every day in India tons and tons of Bindis littered in streets by women, This huge amount of  Lead polluting our environment in  big invisible way.

In India there are no agency to monitor the manufacturers and no rules to regulate them.

Lead Causes:
  •  Lead is a metal, which is used in many of our daily items.
  • Lead was a Poisonous thing undoubtedly, 
  • Why Lead was so danger and harmful to Children ?                                                                 Not only Children, Lead was so dangerous because Human body cannot identify whether it is lead or Calcium(Calcium essential for bones), So instead of Calcium Lead can enter into Blood vessels and stays there for weeks then it will travel into Bones. If Lead went into Bones, It will stay there for lifetime.
  • For children, depends on the amount lead will cause many physical and mental problems. In a small amount, Learning deficiency, Behavior changes, lack in Intelligent activity and on. In a large amount, Lead can cause to unconsciousness, Cancer sometimes, Ultimately death was the result.


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