Financial Terrorism

Financial Terrorism,Money gun,500 rupee currency 

Rudolph Elmer the Ex banker(Swiss) used  the word Financial Terrorism. Every day  People looking for food, Job, lifestyle,car,home and the ultimate source to buy them Money. Every one of us ready to work, Whether as an engineer or sweeper or driver whatever.People ready to do any job for money. But storing the whole lot of money which can stop the food crisis,financial crisis and human deaths, is  terrorism.   a Financial terrorism, and this is Inhuman.

  • Abdul Kasab  We know him very well, He is the main guy in Mumbai 26/11 attacks. You know for what  he did these killings?   Just 1 lakh Indian rupees. Why I'm saying this, poverty cause terrorism in all around the world. In African countries its more worse. 
  • Money is just a piece of paper and it should be make human kind happy, storing money instead of investing in human development is a stupidity as a human.
  • World's 7th largest Country = India.
  • 4th largest army                  =  India.
  • 3rd largest Railways            =  India.
  • 2nd fastest  growing economy=India.
  • 2nd in rice tea manufacturing  =India.
  • 1st in Black money Swiss Bank=India.
  •  7000000 crores  Indian Rupees. Indian Black money in Swiss bank.India not only get the first place, even the rest of the world's total black money is not near to the Indian depositors($1.4 trillion ). Be proud to be an Indian!.
  • If anyone said India was a democratic country, that is the biggest joke till 2020.
  • pranab mukherjee said " if you not believe in democracy, go and join in Maoist group". He has to know,  There is no space for 1 billion in Maoist group.
  • Indians immensely tolerated, I have to say this. Because in India Inflation rate is high, Corruption is on its peak. Yet we are expressing our tolerance. India is a peaceful country not because of  its leaders, But its citizens.

I don't think any of the Swiss depositors gonna be punished, We can't expect that too Because all the party members and top bureaucrats(Exceptions are there..) are depositors in Swiss bank. So, thieves not gonna accept and expecting for action against them is idiotic..   
First thing India has to do is get the money back and should be invested in country's development. At least this time around invest in Indian banks.


  1. Wow, so much of money and I thought the Chinese had enough foreign reserves to rule the economic trends. If such huge amount of money comes into India what power and thrust would the Indian Economy get. I think the government ought to think of some way of luring this huge potential into the Indian economy.

  2. As we can see, China is now a progressive country. I think so that they have the power to show up strength in ruling economic trends globally.

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  4. Indian black money in Swiss bank Rs.358,679.863,300( 1.4 trillion Dollars ). This money belongs to 2000 Indians who have kept there to evade from tax. This amount is enough for our India to become 10 America and become one of the most powerful developed country in the world for next 100 years.

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  6. yes i agree with your point. Indian black money Swiss bank deposit. These money America money return and development a powerful country.!


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