Forgotten Ashes of Gandhi

Forgotten Ashes of Gandhi,Gandhi 

1948 January 30. The day Mr.Non-Violence killed by violence. Mohandas karam chand Gandhi was shot dead in Birla house while a prayer meeting and Gandhi's Ashes immersed in sacred rivers in all parts of India.We all know that, But you know the story of a Forgotten Ashes of Gandhi?, You know the story of unclaimed Gandhi's Ashes till 1995?, Which is totally forgotten by the politicians for almost 50 years, Even modern Gandhi s (in names at least) were forgotten .

Well, Many of the Gandhi's words have been forgotten today, Gandhi became a boring subject amongst Indians.
But, A part of his Ashes were stored in a Bank safety locker somewhere in Cuttack Orissa and unclaimed for 49 years is still a mystery.Some discover(?!) this in 1995, Gandhi's grand grandson Mr.Thushar Gandhi came to know this and took legal actions to claim his Grand grand father's remaining Ashes. He got it back. In January 30 1997 (Golden jubilee year of  Indian freedom), Thushar Gandhi immersed the Ashes of Gandhi in Allahabad Triveni Sangam.

  • Gandhi said, Congress party would not to continue as a political party in free India. Gandhi never wanted a divided India from British India, But Nehru s and Jinnah s are.
  • Nehru surely took one thing from Mr.Gandhi and it is still there in Nehru's family,  That is Gandhi the last name. Gandhi is not a brand to sell, Gandhi is a way to follow.
  • In western countries, Gandhi was a super man. Even in animated movies like Bee movie they mentioning  him.
  • In January 30 2010, A film released in India(?!). Road to sangam, Which is about the forgotten Ashes of Gandhi. The film was directed by Amit Roy, this debut film maker bagged 10 awards including Best debut Director in South African film festival. As we know In India, this film was not attracted any spectator and even Indian media didn't noticed him.
  • Today criticizing about Mahatma Gandhi without reading him is became an identity of  a Genius. If we saw The Road to sangam movie, we definitely change our mindset and we feel why we need Gandhian thoughts in today's India.
  • But we have to be thankful to the mystery person who kept  the Gandhi's Ashes in Indian Bank not Swiss bank.
The  Ashes of Gandhi was rallied in the Allahabad streets and immersed in Triveni Sangam with the song
"Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye je".