Human Polyandry in India


India an institution of cultures, always have  surprises for the world, Even for India.
In deep interior Himalayas there are some new cultures hidden in the cold mountains. Jaunsari   a group of tribe community practicing Polyandry many generations,Which means  A Jaunsari woman can marry many men (only brothers of course..).  Its their part of life, if a guy marry a woman then she marries his brothers too.

This tradition comes from the five brothers of the Indian epic called  Mahabharata, The Pandavas. According to the legend, Pandavas  married one woman called draupadi. Which means Polyandry(Fraternal Polyandry) .Jaunsari tribes following the same tradition, they claim that Pandavas are their forefathers so we are also following what our ancestors did.
But there are some other explanations for the system too. In Himalayas surviving is the tough challenge, Because the resources for creating a family for every men is a dilemma and safety is another dilemma which they have to face in single family system. These things could be the reason why they following Polyandry system.

As a civilized society,  all over the world divorces and remarriages are acceptable. So Who knows  in the future, there are chances of  this tradition could be spread out of Himalayas. Or  Jaunsaris could follow our Monogamy system. So India is not only the surprise factor, Evolution  is also have surprises for humans.

  • In animal kingdom, A female animal having two or more spouse male animals is called Polyandry .Bees are the perfect example for polyandry.
  • Monogamy system is what we following in all civilized societies.
  • Having many husbands in human is not acceptable in all the civilized societies,(not in the same time is better to say .. Divorce and secret connections not inclusive.. ) 
  • Polygamy is allowed in Muslim religion, In Polygamy a male can have many female spouses.


  1. what about a male who has three husbands,yet he calls himself the female?its hermaphroditic polyandry/polygamy.

  2. a female who would have three wives yet calls herself the husband? that would lesbian polygamy.but that is probably so rare,if it even exists.


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