G - Growth - Gujarat

G - Growth - Gujarat, 

Gujarat, An emerging state in emerging India. 
  •  We all know about Amul dairy products company in India, it is a Co-operative company owned by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF).
  • Gujarat fisher men using advanced techniques(Satellite) to spot the fish density in sea.  They attached GPS (Global Positioning System ) for Safety and to locate them where they are. Gujarat fisheries department appointed free fish finders(experts..)  to each fishermen boats.
  • RTI (Right To Information) act was damn hit in Gujarat. Gujarat using the maximum limits of RTI more  than any state in India.
  • Gujarat govt is 2nd best govt in the world announced by international council.
  • 10 years back Gujarat's loan in world bank was 50000 crores Indian rupees. today Gujarat deposited 100000 lakh crores in world bank 
  • No Electricity prob, no liquor,
  • Literacy rate in Gujarat comparatively the best in India.
  • In Indian Export, 15% belongs to Gujarat.
  • 30% of Indian share market invests coming from Gujarat. 
  • TATA,Hyundai,ford,reliance,Honda,. all the big names having business.in Gujarat
  • #1 State in India in many fields.
Note: This is to inspire not branding Gujarat, Accuracy of the numbers may differ.