Write your name in Mars

Write your name in Mars,Mars 

My childhood favorite song line is write your name in moon (actual song is in Tamil..). Today with the help of science, you can write your name in Mars. This year NASA gonna send a Satellite to Mars. In the satellite microchip, we can add our names. NASA
 Hey you can also Write your name in Mars, it's simple:
Just click through the Mars participate link and in that page just enter your name, Country,Zip code... That's it.

Your name heading to mars.. You can view the certificate also.
***Update: Adding names are over now. 

More than a million human names already added in that microchip. Add your name also.

Note: NASA not announced one thing yet, is this participation only for humans?


  1. stress relieving stuff . I wrote my name in mars.. hooo yes...

  2. my name in Mars... good one


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