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Indian Education- Suicide,Education,India 

In India, Kerala was the #1 state in Suicide. As we know, Kerala is the #1 state in literacy .
In India, Bihar has the least no of suicide. As we may know Bihar was the least  state in literacy (Strange..).

This triggers a straight question, Our education system is causing suicide?
If you feel this is  too much, Think again..

  • See the news papers after exam results.. Every year, Our Indian kids committing suicide( Failed students of course..) because they failed in public exams. The number of suicides not seems to be decreasing in years.Suicide is the least thing a man has to do, but for such stupid reason is not
  • What is our education system taught us..?  Nothing but data s, Information s  and not how to live. To know these information s and data s, We can use Google not schools and universities. A hard disk can store many data but basics of living in the world against odds is what a real education
  • If we defend ourselves by saying many scientists in NASA are Indians, Doctors and other are Indians. Guys, they are not serving to India, They are outsourced and the only thing they know is money. Our education system not makes us patriotic Indians or caring human beings but  aliens.
  • An education system  should make good human being, A good human can be a good citizen, A good citizen can be a good politician or a good scientist or whatever good.
  • Parents have to understand, Every kid cannot be a state topper or a school topper. First of all Let a kid to  think his own, that's what real education all about.


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