Love - Trust - Sex

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 This post only for 18 and above..
Love, Trust,Sex .. These are interconnected or should be interconnected.  The young India should learn to love first(in matrimonial relationships ), The excessive divorce rates are stigmatizing our long tradition.

  •  Love make a man to care for others, Love destroys Ego between couples.
  • Love is essential in sexual relationships, Because having sex with a trusted and beloved partner is good for our health too.
  • Studies suggest that  love makes a sexual relationship a complete package of fulfillment. When a dear most couple having sex it stimulates positive energy in mind and body.
  • Love creates trust between the two and that makes that relationship a complete one. 
  • But most of the men using their wives as sexual toilet (oops i said it..). When they need they go and when they finished they leave. This cause many ills physically and mentally and make their lives a living hell.
  • Many of the urban IT couples (IT slaves that's what i call.. too harsh..huh..? ) not even having sex. They just living in a virtual world of social websites (Thank god there is no sexual games in facebook..).
  • Feel the love,  Trust and extend your love to sex. Sex should be an extension of Love.
  • Hey I'm trying to say that love your partner, Have a complete relationship, and live healthy.


  1. "But most of the men using their wives as sexual toilet (oops i said it..). When they need they go and when they finished they leave."

    Is it right to generalise like that? cos in my experience... atleast in today's society i have found women more towards such acts..

    but anyways... thats ur opinion... unfortunately.. not true!

  2. Are you saying love is incomplete without sex? Does this mean you done love you parents, your children etc etc?
    This post is not for above 18, its for people below 18!
    Love is much more than sex, its trust confidence and reliability. And also acceptance, even of ego.

  3. My post title Should be Marry-Love then sex..

    For the comments thanks.. but i didn't say that love incomplete without sex.. I said.. Sex incomplete without love.. and Its not about love parents, Kids etc.. this is only about love between couples..

  4. ya,ill accept dis.i think its 100% true.also i want to show my love to my lover,bt my fact i cant show that.


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