Minimum Honesty

Minimum Honest

Every country have this issue corruption, Understandably honesty level is vary to each country. In India, we can get a driving license without proper documents(even without any driving knowledge..), we can get a passport illegally, We can get ration cards,Community certificates, Degrees and on. Simply saying, an American company could buy our nation one day. We Indians are damn corrupt...
   The minimum honesty level is so questionable in our country. If a national leader is a damn good, honest person then the people would follow his leadership and the minimum honesty level will increase surely. But unfortunately, today we don't have that damn good leader in our Country like Mr.Gandhi.

  • Today a corporate company can buy our  Taj mahal with the help of our loyal politicians and bureaucrats. They could bend the laws or change the laws for the corporates. Then Taj Mahal could be a Hotel or private property.
  • Comparatively in Singapore we can't bribe even a toll gate guy because it is a matter of security threat.  but in India we can bribe even an army officer(not all..some..). I'm not saying there is no corruption or bribery in other countries. There is corruption, But there they have to bribe only to not do one's duty.  But here, we have to bribe to do one's very duty.
  • Minimum honesty  will come only after a honest leadership.  
  • If i need a passport, I should be a good citizen with no criminal activities. But a politician can become an M.P or M.L.A with worst criminal activities(Mostly Murder cases... ). This is a stupidest thing in our democracy.
  • People are sick and tired of these things, We can sense it in the Anna Hazare's fast campaign. If a good leader exist, people ready to follow him. The mass activity proves it.
  • We need a change... We need  good leaders... If it is Anna Hazare, then we are ready to follow him. He is not all, But  he makes the path to other. Now, the other good personalities can come into public life and clear the corrupt from the public domain.
  • We have to clear the corruption from our country then only the Minimum Honesty will spread across India.