Soap - Bathing Bar

Do you use soap?, What brand soap you use?, these are normal questions. Are you really using soap?... most of the soap(?) companies in India are not selling soaps, they  selling a colored bathing bar. They legally not selling soaps, If you see the wrapper they never mention soap in words (brilliant huh..)..
There are some guidelines to a chemical cake to be called  soap..  But most of the bathing bars not soap. So they not branding them as soaps. See some of the titles what they call it..
hamam soap

Hamam -Nature care,

Dove soap Dove - beauty bar

Lux soap Lux -pearl glow and many more but not soap

liril soap
Liril -

pears soap

Pears - Pure and gentle

Margo soap

Margo - original neem,

Rexona soap
Rexona -for clear, flawless skin

Santoor soap Santoor - with skin softeners

  • few brands like Pears are soap in other countries and bathing bar in India.
  • All the top selling brands are not soaps.
  • Make sure next time you need a soap then look at the wrapper for it.
  • Soaps are minimum skin friendly things but bathing bars are questionable.
  • Please buy soaps and if you still like the brilliance of the brands then buy bathing bars.


  1. Nice and worthy information too all. already i knew this information, but unfortunately i havnt shared.

    Thanks for ur sharing.

  2. appa naanka ethathan potu kulikrathu ean sir evanaiyum namba mudiyalaie sir neenka nallavara kettavara


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