Jun 30, 2011

Toddy for Toddlers

News:Last week, After the summer vacation class rooms of Andra schools were filled with excessive food grains and the students were attend the classes in open class rooms.

Today, Headlines Today shows in Mehbub nagar District, Andra.. Several poor villagers feeding toddy(Palm wine) to their kids. Villagers says that Milk price is higher than toddy, So we have no choice to fill their stomach and their another feeding item is BEER . The poor villagers have no guilty feelings for their alcohol practicing. They shouldn't be...The rulers should be.

Inflation really hurts.. How do we explain them about inflation, corruption, Alcohol danger.
In one hand, Excessive food grains and here the toddy drinking toddlers.. Cute..

Cellphone Radiation

cellphone radiation before after,Cellphone Radiation
The shocker I've always share with my buddies is this thing cellphone radiation. The image of course i saw in the net is really disturbing. Cellphoneaholics like me worried with these facts.

What cause Radiation?
Electromagnetic waves cause radiation. Even small amount of these will create radiation, For Ex.  X-Rays(That's why they say, don't take X-Ray often..). Cellphone rays are similar.
Before that.. Today, There were 43 billion(430 Crore..in Indian numbers.. ) cellphones in use all around the world. We are surrounded by cellphone rays.... Few claims that cellphone radiation killing the tiny Sparrows,The radiation that cellphone cause can easily harm human. Electromagnetic waves can stop cell division and stop the cell growth in our body. Finally, it cause Cancer. International Agency of Research on Cancer(IARC) says it all.
  • In India, GSM type of cellphones are used in large number. Radiation levels in GSM phones were 2 watts. In US it's 3.6 watts. Comparatively in CDMA type Cellphones it's lesser than 1 watts.
  • According to Specific Absorbing Rate(SAR), The harm level to human its 1.6 watt.

How to avoid (minimize) Cellphone Radiation?
  • Use your headset(headphone) while talking. or use hands free mode when you are alone(that's what i do)
  • Keep the cellphone away from your body when you not using it(that's the hard part).
  • Don't use cellphone in a closed car .
  • Keep left, use it your cellphone in left ear.
  • If you are a heavy cellphone user, check your radiation level at least once in a 6 month.

Jun 28, 2011

Whose Testing Animals we are?

Human testing,_Animal testing,Monkey in lab
Last year in India, 670 Indians lost their lives in medical experiments, But only 8 got the insurance amount from the pharmaceutical companies. Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), Dr. Surinder Singh seeking explanation to the 9 drug companies for this incident. After his letter exposed in media, The drug companies promising to settle the insurance amounts to all victims. But there are more to be fixed in this prob..
  • Pharmacy a booming industry, trillions of money involving in this business(Business!?). Pharmaceutical companies spending nearly  Rs. 3600 Crores  for a  new medicine to hit the market. They have to cross many stages of research for that and The very important stage of the research is the Human Testing. Without proving that the medicine don't harm the human, the drug can't hit the market.
  • There are tough laws in rich countries for human testing, The company have to assure the safety of the human and they should take care all the expenses of that person. Its too expensive in those countries,If they do the same in poor countries it costs 60% less.   So the Pharmaceutical companies targeting the emerging countries like India. 
  • In 2005, there are only 100 experiments conducted in India, But today its at least 1000. There are 100 casualties before 3 years but now the number hits to 670.
  • The drug companies targeting only poor and ignorant people. In Andra(Kammam District), 14,000 scheduled tribe girls were used for an Oral Cancer medical experiment. The girls and their parents were not even  know that this kind of experiment going on. During the experiment, 6 girls were died. Then only the whole experiment thing came to spot light.
  • The apex medical research institution of India AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical Science) also not spare for this testing thing. Its hard to say 49 babies were killed in an experiment last year. 4142 babies were used in that experiment, in that, 2728 babies were under the age of 1.
  • "For research and testing use the Indian Babies" said the US Govt. That means all the drug companies got OK from their end.So, Indian babies gonna be the Testing animals in coming days.
  • How come the Indian Govt and officials letting these things happen, Corruption? .What state of morality this is?, Whose testing animals we are?.
  • The safety laws differs state to state in India, So the companies easily escaping from the laws.
 This post inspired by ananda vikatan

    Jun 24, 2011

    Swiss Bank Account - How to open one?

    Swiss Bank Account - How to open one?,Swiss flag with currency symbols, Dollar symbol, Euro symbol, Yen Symbol, Rupees symbol, Pound symbol,Swiss bank account, Switzerland flag
    Wow, Finally i got a cool topic.. Swiss bank, most of our politicians, businessmen and tax evaders have an account there. So as Indian citizens, we should know how our billionaires opening Swiss bank accounts. 

    • Who can open a Swiss bank account?                                            Any one with money can open an account in Swiss bank, There is no race, country differences in Swiss bank. You must be 18 years old then. Till now there are 101 country nationals have an account in Swiss bank. You must give your passport size photos( 2 nos), identity proof and address proof (..like opening a State bank account). But they say nowadays Swiss bank acting tough with new customers(But if you have damn money, then you are OK..). There are many private agencies for new account openings.
    • The agencies even help you to open your account through postal mode, for that you have to send a copy of your passport and for address proof you have to send a copy of your phone bill or Electricity bill.You must say that what is your financial background and how did you get the money which you are gonna deposit in the bank(no one gonna tell the truth..). Your info is secret always. 
    • How far it take?                                                                      If you go there it will only take 3 hours, By Postal it will take 10 days.
    • Is there any Minimum Balance limit?                                                                         There is no minimum balance limit there (Maximum balance limit there?..) . you need 500 Swiss franks to open an account in Swiss bank.But some banks have the minimum balance conditions and its just 1 million Swiss franks( 53 Crores in Indian Rs..).
    • What are the deposit modes?                                                                                 Credit cards.. you can use your credit card third party payment processor for deposit(through this no one can find that who depositing the money..)..and you can make  money order, personal check deposits too.
    • Is there any branches available in India or other countries?                                                          No.. There is no branches for Swiss bank.
    • Why Swiss Bank?                                                                                                                              Switzerland, a No War country.. Since 1505 Switzerland never was in the war with any country..So there is political stability. Swiss using gold for money transactions, So Swiss Frank is a stable currency in the world.   Net banking, EMI deposit modes,Customer service and most importantly Secrecy. Your account details never been shared with anyone unless you have a criminal backgrounds(but tax evaders are criminals huh..)These are the factors  that makes Swiss bank as it is.
    • If customer dead, what about the account?                                                                                      Nominee.. That's the option, But you have to prove it to the bank..the bank never easily trust anyone. But for celebrities, politicians it is easy. If a nominee legally failed to prove or no one claim the account more than 10 years, The account will be inactive and funds.. forget it. But Swiss bank getting nominee details to avoid the mess.
    • How to close an account?                                                                                         You can close your account any time, But if the amount was big it will take one or two days for withdrawals. There is no charges for account closing. 
    I feel nostalgic here... When we all get Swiss Bank account like our Indian billionaires..

    Jun 23, 2011

    White flowers on the field -Image

    White flowers on the field and hitting the sky with its beauty, White flowers, Flower wallpaper
    Image description: When India's Black money will come white like these white flowers, White flowers on the field and hitting the sky with its beauty. This image would be a good desktop wallpaper.

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    Black Money - Black Politics

    These days text messages inspiring and creating an impact in our minds.. A recent one that disturbed me a lot .
    Indian's black money in Swiss bank is estimated as $1.3 trillion. This money belongs to only 2000 tax evading Indians. This money enough for our India to become 10 America and became one of the most powerful, developed country in the world for next 100 years.. That's the message. May be there is an exaggeration in the numbers and its not trustworthy.. if that's what you thought, then you must be wrong.. Because truth is much more than imagination.
    • In India, New age gurus( yoga masters with some philosophical stories and a smile are new age Guru s.. ) are billionaires. I need another post for that...But if religious persons have this much money then why not the businessmen and politicians.
    • India shocking the world with this damn virus which is spread across the whole nervous system of the nation Corruption; It causes Black money. So the prior problem of this country is not terror but Black Money. Don't you think having black money is financial Terrorism.
    • What is the need to fast against corruption and black money?; first of all, every citizen of India have the right to ask questions in public and have right to conduct an anti corruption activity in a democratic way. So fasting is not an offense.
    • But the politicians not take it as easy, They simply target the individuals who leading the activities. There are many new age guru s are richer than Baba Ramdev, But he is under scanner because he was disturbing the Govt these days. Black politics isn't it.  (when British India will come again)..
    • In this case, if he or any other in the country having Black money they should be under scanner. But as a citizen of India he have the right to fight against corruption. 
    • Instead of supporting the cause the dream factory Bollywood diverting the whole anti corruption movements by taking Alcohol age limit issue.

    Jun 17, 2011

    Bollywood - Alcohol over Anti Corruption

    Bollywood - Alcohol over Corruption

    Recently Maharashtra govt regularized the alcohol drinking age you know that..,But Bollywood and an actor(Imran) went to court against this law. OK lets see what the law..
    • According to that new regularities by the Maharashtra Govt.. If you need to buy or drink Beer you should be 21 and for alcohol you have to be 25. Everyone knows, that any law in this country is not effective and at first it is hard to accept but step by step it is possible. I believe in 5 to 10 years the next generation will obey this like we do in anti drug laws today.
    • In India, The laws take effective only after few years.. whether it is a mandatory helmet or seat belt .. it take time to settle down. I'm sure(If the Govt let the law go on..) this law will take effect in few years.
    • Bollywood Actor Imran says this makes him embarrassing and behalf of the whole youth he filed Public Interest Litigation(oops its PIL..).
    • In our country there are anti corruption movements are going Now, When Baba ramdev and others were fasting against corruption, salman khan and shah rukh khan went against the movement(support the cause at least.. ). If they questioned an individual is OK.. But everyone have the right to fight against corruption. If these Khans ready to lead a anti corruption movement?. If they can't ,then let others do.
    • Imran says that Bollywood is backing him for that alcohol thing, So these Indian idols support for alcohol and not for Anti corruption movement.Are they mocking the whole anti corruption movements?.
    • Are Bollywood representing mallya  n alcohol brands in this alcohol movement? .. 
    • There are many many  issues happening around us Mr. Bollywood .. Why don't you  come  down and fight for them?..
    • Update: Why don't the Bollywood Khans go fast against corruption?.

    Jun 16, 2011

    Google Street view - a constant Beta service - Hits India

    Google Street view - a constant Beta service  - Hits India 
    This past week, vehicles of Google Street view started roaming the garden city.. Bangalore. This massive, unending project gonna be always in a beta stage.
    Before that, What is Street view?.  Google maps with interactive street level imagery is Street view (actually an extension of Google maps .. ).
    • Street view, really a massive project Because, If Street view covers the whole globe, It should have took trillions of images(damn a lot zeroes..). Unlike the other services of Google(Maps,Earth) Street view not a Satellite imagery service. Street view cars have to physically travel all around the globe and if there is any update(it should be..) needed, they have to do it again and again.
    • Already controversies hit over the street images taken by street view cars(You can see that in Google ). Lots of vulnerability there, Like kissing, Pissing, Bikinis, Nudity, Prostitution,Violence etc..Bigger projects need bigger responsibilities(nice punch huh!.. ).
    • Google always conscious about its ad revenues, But Street view an extension service of Google Maps is not have that much scope for ad revenue. I mean the amount of physical activities is too much and for no revenue?.
    • Google's recent products are not really doing well(buzz not created a buzz anymore), Google doesn't have any active social networking site now(Orkut? don't be funny..).  Take care Google.

    Jun 15, 2011

    Natgrid - Your online data is not safe for safety

    Natgrid -  Your online data is not safe for safety, National security
    NATGRID(National Intelligence Grid) - After the 26/11 attacks, Indian home ministry started an ambitious project for security purposes and that is NATGRID. NATGRID is simply gonna be a watch dog of  every Indian's email, bank accounts, Facebook and on and on. We are all gonna be monitored by some bunch of agencies in the name of national security.
    • According to the Home ministry sources,  NATGRID will  monitor the individuals but won't save the information of anyone(that's a good news though..). This is like phone taping?.
    • Cabinet Committee of Security(CCS) recently approved NATGRID.
    • NATGRID will get access more than 21 categories of database like railway, Airway,Income tax, Bank accounts, Credit card transactions, Visa and immigration records in the country. oops.. that means brushing to sleeping.
    • NATGRID will share the information with law and security agencies only. This is to fight against terror and safety of our country.
    • But treating all citizens as terrorists is simply not right and no one will be OK  with spying.
    • We have no assurance of the safety of our personal data, Because a country like India anyone can be easily corrupt. Imagine if  Mukesh Ambani's personal  data was stolen by Ratan Tata or Anil Ambani through an   NATGRID official(Vivid imagination huh..). What happen next?.. the project would be over then.
    • Not just corporates, everyone have the right to live and would we allow someone viewing our personal email without permission?. Is this an Organized Hacking in the name of National security?.
    • For your memory,  Bin laden not used any electronic communication system(cellphone,internet) for a long time(till death). He used the traditional postal services. 
    So with NATGRID, Your online data is not safe for the sake of Country's safety.

      Jun 14, 2011

      Tiger Cub Smiling for Help - Save Tigers

      An Indian Tiger cub-Save our Tigers
      Image Description: An young Tiger smiling with doubts about its future in this green planet, This Indian Tiger cub is one of the beautiful of its kind left in the planet.
      Why Save Tigers?
      There are only 5000 to 7000 tigers alive in the world, 100 years back its 50000 to 80000 Tigers lived in India alone.
      According to the 2010 estimation of Tiger population done by Ministry of Environment and Forests India, There are less than 2000(1706 to 1875) tigers only left in India. As a national animal, Illegal Tiger hunt must be stopped in India.

      Jun 13, 2011

      Ox and Elephant-seems-like-Twins-sculpture

      Ox and Elephant-seems-like-Twins-sculpture,Two in one sculpture, Indian temple sculpture

      Image Description: Ox and Elephant sharing one head, seems like Unusual twins. An extreme imagination and great work of Indian sculptures.
      Update: This sculpture belongs to the ancient Darasuram temple, Tamil Nadu,India. This place is an UNESCO heritage site.

      Jun 9, 2011

      IPod - IPhone - I want?


      i News: Last week, A Chinese teenager who attracted by apple products sold his kidney to buy them.The guy sold(Rs. 170,000) his kidney through an internet broker(the broker yet untraceable..), The parents finds the boy after all ends. Even though, This created a chaos in china; To apple, it shows how people mad at their products.

      i Pod - i Phone: Few weeks ago, My friend wants to buy an i Pod and asking me(!) to come with him. I ask him one thing, Do you have a mobile phone?(He have an i Phone! ). He said "yes","then connect the headset that is i pod" its me. After that he quits that i Pod plan.

      I told him an another story too... Few years back, Pager was introduced.. Pager was a Mobile text message gadget. But pager was shortly disappeared, when the cellphone hits the market. Cellphone was multitasking, we can text, talk... (now you can do all..). Now,  you carry a cellphone and a Pager in your pocket?. Similarly, You carry an i Pod and i Phone?. If you need reasons why you don't want to buy an i Pod.. Come to me.