Black Money - Black Politics

These days text messages inspiring and creating an impact in our minds.. A recent one that disturbed me a lot .
Indian's black money in Swiss bank is estimated as $1.3 trillion. This money belongs to only 2000 tax evading Indians. This money enough for our India to become 10 America and became one of the most powerful, developed country in the world for next 100 years.. That's the message. May be there is an exaggeration in the numbers and its not trustworthy.. if that's what you thought, then you must be wrong.. Because truth is much more than imagination.
  • In India, New age gurus( yoga masters with some philosophical stories and a smile are new age Guru s.. ) are billionaires. I need another post for that...But if religious persons have this much money then why not the businessmen and politicians.
  • India shocking the world with this damn virus which is spread across the whole nervous system of the nation Corruption; It causes Black money. So the prior problem of this country is not terror but Black Money. Don't you think having black money is financial Terrorism.
  • What is the need to fast against corruption and black money?; first of all, every citizen of India have the right to ask questions in public and have right to conduct an anti corruption activity in a democratic way. So fasting is not an offense.
  • But the politicians not take it as easy, They simply target the individuals who leading the activities. There are many new age guru s are richer than Baba Ramdev, But he is under scanner because he was disturbing the Govt these days. Black politics isn't it.  (when British India will come again)..
  • In this case, if he or any other in the country having Black money they should be under scanner. But as a citizen of India he have the right to fight against corruption. 
  • Instead of supporting the cause the dream factory Bollywood diverting the whole anti corruption movements by taking Alcohol age limit issue.


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