Natgrid - Your online data is not safe for safety

Natgrid -  Your online data is not safe for safety, National security
NATGRID(National Intelligence Grid) - After the 26/11 attacks, Indian home ministry started an ambitious project for security purposes and that is NATGRID. NATGRID is simply gonna be a watch dog of  every Indian's email, bank accounts, Facebook and on and on. We are all gonna be monitored by some bunch of agencies in the name of national security.
  • According to the Home ministry sources,  NATGRID will  monitor the individuals but won't save the information of anyone(that's a good news though..). This is like phone taping?.
  • Cabinet Committee of Security(CCS) recently approved NATGRID.
  • NATGRID will get access more than 21 categories of database like railway, Airway,Income tax, Bank accounts, Credit card transactions, Visa and immigration records in the country. oops.. that means brushing to sleeping.
  • NATGRID will share the information with law and security agencies only. This is to fight against terror and safety of our country.
  • But treating all citizens as terrorists is simply not right and no one will be OK  with spying.
  • We have no assurance of the safety of our personal data, Because a country like India anyone can be easily corrupt. Imagine if  Mukesh Ambani's personal  data was stolen by Ratan Tata or Anil Ambani through an   NATGRID official(Vivid imagination huh..). What happen next?.. the project would be over then.
  • Not just corporates, everyone have the right to live and would we allow someone viewing our personal email without permission?. Is this an Organized Hacking in the name of National security?.
  • For your memory,  Bin laden not used any electronic communication system(cellphone,internet) for a long time(till death). He used the traditional postal services. 
So with NATGRID, Your online data is not safe for the sake of Country's safety.


    1. Laden didnot use the Technology to communicate because he knew that he would be caught within seconds. And in India, terrorist/criminals exploit technology as well as Hawala or couriers to their advantage..So at least let us block technology as an option and restrict them to harder and ineffecient (in terms of time lag/risk factor) to be adopted.

      what privacy you are talking about.. not being able to chat in open rooms through a fake profile???LOL


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