Whose Testing Animals we are?

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Last year in India, 670 Indians lost their lives in medical experiments, But only 8 got the insurance amount from the pharmaceutical companies. Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), Dr. Surinder Singh seeking explanation to the 9 drug companies for this incident. After his letter exposed in media, The drug companies promising to settle the insurance amounts to all victims. But there are more to be fixed in this prob..
  • Pharmacy a booming industry, trillions of money involving in this business(Business!?). Pharmaceutical companies spending nearly  Rs. 3600 Crores  for a  new medicine to hit the market. They have to cross many stages of research for that and The very important stage of the research is the Human Testing. Without proving that the medicine don't harm the human, the drug can't hit the market.
  • There are tough laws in rich countries for human testing, The company have to assure the safety of the human and they should take care all the expenses of that person. Its too expensive in those countries,If they do the same in poor countries it costs 60% less.   So the Pharmaceutical companies targeting the emerging countries like India. 
  • In 2005, there are only 100 experiments conducted in India, But today its at least 1000. There are 100 casualties before 3 years but now the number hits to 670.
  • The drug companies targeting only poor and ignorant people. In Andra(Kammam District), 14,000 scheduled tribe girls were used for an Oral Cancer medical experiment. The girls and their parents were not even  know that this kind of experiment going on. During the experiment, 6 girls were died. Then only the whole experiment thing came to spot light.
  • The apex medical research institution of India AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical Science) also not spare for this testing thing. Its hard to say 49 babies were killed in an experiment last year. 4142 babies were used in that experiment, in that, 2728 babies were under the age of 1.
  • "For research and testing use the Indian Babies" said the US Govt. That means all the drug companies got OK from their end.So, Indian babies gonna be the Testing animals in coming days.
  • How come the Indian Govt and officials letting these things happen, Corruption? .What state of morality this is?, Whose testing animals we are?.
  • The safety laws differs state to state in India, So the companies easily escaping from the laws.
 This post inspired by ananda vikatan