Jul 30, 2011

Pretty India - Washer men at work

Pretty India - Washer men at workImage Description:Pretty India Washer men at work.

Jul 29, 2011

Keep Me Out - For Facebook worms

Keep Me Out

Internet users  were addicted to many sites in their daily browsing world,People spending many hours in Facebook,G mail,YouTube and many sites. For instance,I open ten tabs in the browser always but  Facebook,g mail,Google...  these monsters eat my time.. This affects the productivity, So if you want to close your programs automatically in certain time limit, Actually you can  with Keep Me Out .
  • in Keep me out , you can set a time line to close your Facebook
  • If you don't need the time restrictions in the weekends, you can use the advanced settings. Set   weekdays or everyday.
The cool thing is, No download is required, You just need to bookmark.

Jul 28, 2011

Pretty India Images - Mehndi Art

Pretty India Images - Mehndi in foot,Mehndi design Image Description:Beautiful Mehndi art in a gorgeous girl's foot,Mehndi is an  An Indian body art. Indian girls are pretty when they look like an Indian girl. Beautification reduces stress too. 

Pretty India Images - Beautiful Mehndi in a girl's handsImage Description:This Mehndi design blends with her hand lines, That's why this is pretty image. You don't need words to define beauty.. just see it.

These images are collected while a project called Pretty India and is n't looks pretty?.

Jul 27, 2011

Story Time - Be a Character in the Story- For kids

Be Character in the Story- Kids books

Book reading is a boring thing to kids even its a story book, but How about an interactive story with talking,music,navigation buttons.. its cool huh. A book reading site called Story time for me have something for kids and free.. always free that's what the website says..But Donations are welcome.

  • In the free book library, You have options of series of books like Ben the mouse,Flame the dragon and from picking the character you can read that character based stories. they are interactive.
  • Be a character in the story: This feature is simply cool, All the kids in the world(even me..) love to be a character in a story. Here you have to upload  appropriate photos of your kid and the pro s will do the work for you. You can gift your kid a story of  his/her own and kids love to be in the story  as a character. 
  • You get the permanent story of your kid, We can share it online with others.
This site have a good intention but need more stories,I hope They'll improve soon.

    Jul 25, 2011

    3D without 3D Glasses

    3D without 3D Glasses

    Since i hate to wear 3D glasses for 3D TV or movie, 3d glass haters were increasing i think and that's why this technology came alive now. 3D without 3d glasses, wow that's the cool one.Few brands have such gadgets like Nintendo 3DS a gaming gadget, LG optimus.
    • Nintendo 3Ds is a gaming gadget which have the 3d without glasses technology. With Nintendo DS we can play games, take 3D photos, can watch 3D videos and more. We can adjust 3D depth in this gadget
    • But this technology now used only in small devices because of Parallax barrier tech in these 3DS. With this tech we can see the 3D effect from a view point only. But in the future this tech will hits the big screens.
    • Toshiba Qosmio F750 is the first 3D laptop without 3D glasses, That's what they say and it is. This is the first of this kind. This is not a review of the product.
    Still this technology is in the beginning stage and guy like me do love this. I hope the tech will come flawless in the future. For now we have something to smile because we have 3D without glasses.

    Chat Dictionary

     Recently i learn chatting short words from a 13 year old boy and that boy is a geek, A future hacker. I always have an attitude of I'm the great in the planet, i know everything and a 13 year old destroyed my attitude.  My cellphone chat with that 13 year old boy, 
    • 13 year Boy: UT.
    • Me: ? 
    •  Boy: ASAP.
    • Me: ??.
    •  like this he uses many words, ROFL, OTP, CUZ, B4N, TTYL.
    • me:????.
    When i know that i don't know these words i didn't reply him because i don't wanna show my ignorance to that kid(surely that's something called EGO). But that 13 year old big man understood me and  taught me the what are they..
     Chat Dictionary:
    • UT - Are you there.
    • ASAP - As Soon As Possible.
    • ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing.
    • OTP - On T he Phone.
    • CUZ,COZ  - Because(This i know ..).
    • GTG - Got To Go.
    • CYL - See You Later.
    • B4N - Bye For now.
    • TTYL - Talk To You Later.
    There are many words exist like this, Many believes these words (abbreviations?) will took place in the  2020 edition of oxford dictionary. I better be a quick learner.

    Jul 24, 2011

    Pretty India Images - Feathers

    Pretty India - Feathers

    Description: Few years back i collected a bunch of beautiful images for a project in the name of Pretty India and this is one of them, Here we have a Colorful feathers.

    Jul 22, 2011

    Buy a Domain Without Credit Card

    Switching to domain is always a good feeling, Recently i bought this domain MaBeats.com.Many asking why MaBeats.com instead of Madura Beats, that's for S E O reasons. Coming to that domain buying without credit card thing,
    • It seems like desperate to you, Yup ..there are many easy ways to buy domain names from the local retailers but have no trust in them. From Google, that's the thing here.. Because you are buying from a trustworthy company with many features and secrecy for who is info(Go-daddy charging for the secrecy thing.. ). So if you plan to buy domain name, then buy from Google.
    • Google only accepting few payment options like credit card and PayPal.
    • Many Pro s telling that Visa and Master debit cars will enough to do in online. But i tried all the damn debit cards(Visa,Master,Maestro... ), PayPal(Add funds is the prob in Paypal) and no use.
    • Then i found the Net safe card  in HDFC online banking and that worked for me.
    • Net safe Card act like a virtual credit card for online purchases. To avoid spam and scam HDFC providing this service. This card will automatically expire in a day.
    • To have a net safe card, Of course you need an account in HDFC Bank with online banking. Register your visa (or Master card) and go with this link.in few easy steps you can get your Net safe card.
    • Not just Domain name you can use it for online purchases.
    Cheers.. if you know other ways or you have credit card then this is not for you and if you find it worthy then say thanks(Hey at least a smile..) ..OK i say thanks to you...for reading.

    For Google eyes:
    How to buy a domain name in India?.
    How to Buy Domain Without Credit card?.

    Read any Book online in a Click

    Read any Book online in a Click

    If you are a book worm and looking for free online book reading, then its for you. you don't need to download any eBook or software to read books, You can find all kinds of books here, You can choose by categorically..
    •      Love & Romance
    •      Western
    •      Mystery
    •      Thriller
    •      Science Fiction
    •      Fantasy
    •      Horror
    •      Historical Fiction
    •      Action & Adventure
    •      Children
    •      Drama
    •      Comedy
    •      Poetry
    •      Classic Authors
    •      Literature
    •      Nonfiction
      Select a book from the category and that's it you can read. Ever loving wizard boy Harry potter was widely read in this site. Reading is more interesting than watching movie,You can imagine many things even better than the Computer graphics.
      My likes are The Lost Symbol,Da Vinci Code (guy like me only read this). Read Any book that's the site, Good one too and hey don't forget to read the harry potter.

    Jul 19, 2011

    The Million Dollar Home Page - One Pixel - One Dollar

    Do you ever planned to sell a pixel online?,If you think its crazy then think again. Alex a college student with no money, planned to create a website to earn money. Alex created a website with a million pixels and He come up with this crazy idea of selling pixels. In brief "one pixel one dollar", this piece of promo attracted the advertisers and you know what, he sold all the pixels in hours...  . Alex  became a millionaire in days and this is what they say "Idea makes money".
    See The Million Dollar Home page.

    Jul 17, 2011

    John's Phone - Simplest Cell phone in the World


    John's Phone the simplest Cell phone in the world, that's what they call it. I tell you why, with John's phone you can talk and talk only nothing more than that. Today mobile phones are used for many things except talking. Most of the smart phones are acts like mini computers, Contrarily John's Phone is pretty much single tasking, that's only for talking.

    Features of the John's Phone
    •  No Text message.
    •  No Mp3 player.
    •  No Video Player.
    •  No 3G.
    •  No memory.
    •  No Contacts
    •  No fancy ringtones.
    But John's phone have something.

    • Long lasting battery(3 weeks),
    • An attached mini address book and a Pen.
    • Earphones.
    A Netherlands company made this cool gadget, Basically people of UK are more legacy lovers and conservatives. No wonder they made this and definitely UK will love this phone. Not only UK, the whole cellphone haters love this John's Phone. If you sick of the modern cellphones and iPhone, Then you surely love this.

    Jul 16, 2011

    Why Female Voice Everywhere?- Voice of Angels

    Why Female Voice Everywhere?- Voice of Angels

    This post is dedicated to my mom who wakes me up every morning with her voice.

    How many times you hearing a female voice in a day?.. In ATM s, Banks, Welcome tone of the mobile services, railway stations and even in a church clock time... Why the lady lingering my ears all time.
    Coming to me.. Because they are angels?.. I'm familiar with two lady(Angel) voices.
    • First my mom.. Every morning (sharply 8.43 am..)my mom's voice travel all the way from kitchen to my room( even the doors were closed) and knock my ears..that's the wake up call for the day. her voice was some thing like this A rrrrrrrrrrrrr ooooooooooooooo nnnnnn (Arun). Mostly i woke up the next sec but if i was not then She call me(bit louder) Buffalo(E rrrrrrrr uuuu mmm aaaaaaaa in Tamil).. that's it i was ready for the day.
    • Second my girl friend.. Every night i talk with my girl at least for an hour in my cellphone. Actually her voice also a sweet one like my mom, in earphone her voice have direct access to my ear drums. Even in the dreams she playing drums.
    • Both of them are too good.(I hate Diplomacy)..
    • But technically speaking, female voice is the standard voice for announcing and alerting services and it can travel so easily to our ears. Simply saying It's like a LASER. that's why female voices lingering all the places and not for other reasons.
    • That's why my dad not trying to wake up me .. but he have an other way, My dad simply kick my .... OK. So next time you heard a lady voice think they are not angels but technically.
    Whatever my angel voices never let me sleep.

    Jul 14, 2011

    Purple flower-widescreen-desktop-background

    purple crocus flower widescreen desktop background
    Image Description: This purple beauty surely blow your mind, The most beautiful,attractive,gorgeous and all..this Flower is perfect for your desktop.

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    Flower Images

    3D Movies - I Hate Mixing 3D- I Hate 3D Goggles

    3D Movies - I Hate Mixing 3D- I Hate 3D Goggles

    My experience with the latest Pirates movie with 3D(i max 3D) is worse Because of the 3D and the 3D goggles also weigh too much that makes me sleep.. Actually the after production 3D movies like the pirates are irritating, For marketing reasons only they mixing the 3D effects. In 2010-11, Too many 3d movies(Mixing 3D movies..actually) coming to screens.
    • Making 3D movies are so easy these days, In Today's technology we can make more enhanced 3D movies. 
    • Avatar was the damn good 3D movie (its actually 4D). After watching Avatar 3D, These mixing 3D movies really S.u...(throat clearing..) makes my eyes suffer badly..
    • Today we are more 3D friendly with the gadgets like 3D TVs and Laptops.But I hate to wear the goggles,we can't watch 3D effects without those goggles?.. In future at least some brand will introduce that tech and that will be the real 3D.

    How To Type Heart Symbol in Key board

    Since when i gotta girl friend, i always tried to impress her  many ways.. This typing heart thing also one of my impressive thing. Well i was not invented though, i find it from a website. Actually i was looking for degree symbol(Alt 0176), I got my heart as bonus.
    •    To type heart symbol press and hold the Alt key and type 3 on the keypad. You get the Heart symbol like this .
    My other likes
    • To type Clubs symbol press and hold the Alt key and type 5. You'll get .
    • To type Diamond symbol press and hold the Alt key and type 4. You'll get   .
    • To type spade symbol press and hold the Alt key and type 6. You'll get .
    •  To type registered symbol press and hold the Alt key and type 0174. You'll get ®.
    • To type Trade Mark symbol press and hold the Alt key and type 0153. You'll get.
    • To type Copyrights symbol press and hold the Alt key and type 0169. You'll get ©.
    • To type Micro symbol press and hold the Alt key and type 0181. You'll get ยต.
    You can type currency symbols, math symbols and more. You can find all in How to type all symbols website.Mac users can also type them with their set of codes.

    Jul 13, 2011

    Browse Random with Rediro- No where to Go- Go No Where

    Browse Random with Rediro- No where to Go- Go No Where
    ***Update: Rediro  website not online anymore.
    You ever got stuck about what to browse next?. When you have no where to go, Just go no where..Cool.  "One day when you will not know where to go, we will show you the way" that's the tag line for the site rediro. Rediro looks like a splash page.. you hardly find navigation tabs.. You only see the GO   button and click the go and go some random website.

    few things you should know about rediro
    • No guarantee what so ever, for what site you are gonna see.
    • No guarantee for the site gonna blow your mind
    Do you get it its completely random.. that's the beauty of Rediro . Unlike BBC 's cool site or Yahoo Cool site, Its completely random. there are 78 n more sites to visit for now, you can also add sites to rediro. Try it Start your browsing randomly.

    Jul 12, 2011

    Tulip fields of Netherlands-An Image from the Sky

    Top+View+of+Tulip+Flower+Fields-Amsterdam-The+Netherlands,Holland,TulipsImage Description:Top view of Tulip fields in Amsterdam, Netherlands. the land of tulips.This is the most beautiful place to live in planet earth, You know summer in Netherlands were cool(3° Celsius).

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     yellow flowers

    wedding white crocus

    Pink tulips
    Flower Images

    Jul 11, 2011

    Play the Translation-Telephone Game Online

    Play the Translation-Telephone Game Online

    You heard of that old Telephone game.. If you spread a message to a circle of people it will come to you in a different shape. That's the game.. A translated message or phrase would drastically different sometimes(quiet opposite...).
    • Many says that the predictions of Nostradamus are misunderstood because of the bad translation.
    • Even the Bible.. Hebrew version of bible is so different from the others.
    OK.... this website Translation-Telephone is not a serious one. shows how the translation will affect a phrase.. if you enter a Phrase, your phrase translated in 20 languages and finally you get a different phrase.
    Here are some Translations

    Jul 6, 2011

    Domain names - Dot com-Dot org- How about Dot you?

    Domain names - Dot com-Dot org- How about Dot you,country domains,individual domains,domain names,ca,fr,in,us,uk,gov,com,net
    Since internet is not just a Data bus but Business.. Everything going so specific here. .Com,.org,.net,.gov are the traditional Top Level Domain names at first. Then specific country domain names came and now its going even more specific. In a year around, you can create your own domain name like .you
    • IP address of Google.com is But no one like to call the number, A name is always good to call someone huh.. I like to be called me by name not my IP address (Do i have one?).
    • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN), the authority of  domain names and  formations. ICANN was created the country domains in the past.
    • The new announcement of ICANN was gonna change the whole surfing experience of an end user in coming days. Because Facebook.com could be .Facebook and Google.com go as .Google in near future.
    • Its not just about the big names only, Any person can apply for his own TLD(Top Level Domain). So we can understand that web is going more specific and targeting every person. I will try for my own TLD .Arun , only thing gonna bother me is the price. only $ 135,000, if you have it.. then you can go for your own .you.
    • But the change doesn't hurt too much the traditional domains until the Google or Facebook add a prefix dot.
    • But the individual .you s would be act only like personal blogs i guess,Of course it depends the you who is gonna own. Corporates will get their own .you domains and brokers like go daddy will earn some extra dollars.
    • If nothing got changed, then its just suffix Dot turned to a prefix Dot.But your future address bar not only for .com,and .org s for sure.

    Jul 3, 2011

    The Cheapest Food menu in India

    High inflation rates, price hikes, whatever strikes our country.. The one place never get hurt, First see the price menu of the place.

    • Tea       = 1.00 
    • Soup    = 5.50
    • Daal     = 1.50
    • Meals   = 2.00
    • Chapati = 1.00
    • Chicken = 24.50
    • Dosa      =   4.00
    • Biriyani   = 8.00
    • Fish        = 13.00
    Wow, you wonder this place is in India? .. yes. It is a menu of a canteen in India, This canteen only for the poor fellows who have some business here and surely not for us. The poor fellas getting only Rs. 80,000 as salary(without income tax..). You wanna know where is this place?   Its our Indian Parliament.

    Jul 2, 2011

    Watching Porn Movie is Religious?

    Hey don't expect any porn content here.. its a respectable blog( at least i respect..). OK the thing is why our temples have lusty sculptures? why we have a dedicated temple for love and lust?.  But this post not about these things only..i got some more..
     Last night i saw a movie(not porn..) called The last temptation of Christ(1988) which is based on a novel . William Dafoe (Spider man villain) played the roll of Jesus.
    • I have to tell you the movie is controversial one like Da vinci Code,If you see the movie .. it surely disturb you(need lots of patience to watch this..) I have a collection of Jesus movies like this. I'm a goddamn curator of Jesus. OK. 
    • The thing is.. A scene in this movie, William Dafoe( not Jesus..)  and the others watch live sex.. It is a Paegon ritual, I seen a similar scene in Da Vinci Code too.So there is a ritual exist in Paegonism(it is an ancient religion.. some say Jesus was one), Watching sex is a religious ritual.. ?.. is Porn watching is similar to this Paegaon ritual?... then  Paegons still exist..
    •  In our country we have Love making sculptures in temples(lusty..),What about Kajuraho ..it is full of this kinda sculptures . 
    • Lingam, we all know that Shiv Lingam is representing the male part.. some say it is a combo of man and woman(Shiv Sakthi)..
    • Actually , its like sex education.thing,.. and may be its not bad .....But porn movies are not not comparable with this.. Today in India we definitely need a quality sex education and not porn movies.
    • Still .. I have no answer for this question..  Watching Porn Movie is Religious? No ..no ..no no  this is bad ..go guys do your work . and not porn movies.

    Hot Porn movie links:
    here are some... 

    Hey this is embarrassing man.. get the hell out of here this is not that kind of blog..

    Jul 1, 2011

    The oldest video of Madurai, India

    The oldest video of Madurai, Taken on November 1945 This video so special because of its content..Its not about freedom struggle, war or a Political leader's speech. It shows the day to day activities of that time and those times filming is not cheaper like today. Michael Rogge, the the guy who filmed this. He is a one damn good rich tourist of that time. His other collection of videos also were superb, He covered most of the cities in Asia and other parts. Michael must be a cool guy, His videos were  also cool and showing the past.

     In this video,You can see the human rickshaw,Horse carts, People try fishing in their style at river vaigai, Meenakshi Amman Temple, Thirumalai nayakkar Mahal, Lady vegetable vendors on streets and vaigai river with water.
    Without any pollution this city is cool to live.