Buy a Domain Without Credit Card

Switching to domain is always a good feeling, Recently i bought this domain asking why instead of Madura Beats, that's for S E O reasons. Coming to that domain buying without credit card thing,
  • It seems like desperate to you, Yup ..there are many easy ways to buy domain names from the local retailers but have no trust in them. From Google, that's the thing here.. Because you are buying from a trustworthy company with many features and secrecy for who is info(Go-daddy charging for the secrecy thing.. ). So if you plan to buy domain name, then buy from Google.
  • Google only accepting few payment options like credit card and PayPal.
  • Many Pro s telling that Visa and Master debit cars will enough to do in online. But i tried all the damn debit cards(Visa,Master,Maestro... ), PayPal(Add funds is the prob in Paypal) and no use.
  • Then i found the Net safe card  in HDFC online banking and that worked for me.
  • Net safe Card act like a virtual credit card for online purchases. To avoid spam and scam HDFC providing this service. This card will automatically expire in a day.
  • To have a net safe card, Of course you need an account in HDFC Bank with online banking. Register your visa (or Master card) and go with this few easy steps you can get your Net safe card.
  • Not just Domain name you can use it for online purchases.
Cheers.. if you know other ways or you have credit card then this is not for you and if you find it worthy then say thanks(Hey at least a smile..) ..OK i say thanks to you...for reading.

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