Story Time - Be a Character in the Story- For kids

Be Character in the Story- Kids books

Book reading is a boring thing to kids even its a story book, but How about an interactive story with talking,music,navigation buttons.. its cool huh. A book reading site called Story time for me have something for kids and free.. always free that's what the website says..But Donations are welcome.

  • In the free book library, You have options of series of books like Ben the mouse,Flame the dragon and from picking the character you can read that character based stories. they are interactive.
  • Be a character in the story: This feature is simply cool, All the kids in the world(even me..) love to be a character in a story. Here you have to upload  appropriate photos of your kid and the pro s will do the work for you. You can gift your kid a story of  his/her own and kids love to be in the story  as a character. 
  • You get the permanent story of your kid, We can share it online with others.
This site have a good intention but need more stories,I hope They'll improve soon.