Why Female Voice Everywhere?- Voice of Angels

Why Female Voice Everywhere?- Voice of Angels

This post is dedicated to my mom who wakes me up every morning with her voice.

How many times you hearing a female voice in a day?.. In ATM s, Banks, Welcome tone of the mobile services, railway stations and even in a church clock time... Why the lady lingering my ears all time.
Coming to me.. Because they are angels?.. I'm familiar with two lady(Angel) voices.
  • First my mom.. Every morning (sharply 8.43 am..)my mom's voice travel all the way from kitchen to my room( even the doors were closed) and knock my ears..that's the wake up call for the day. her voice was some thing like this A rrrrrrrrrrrrr ooooooooooooooo nnnnnn (Arun). Mostly i woke up the next sec but if i was not then She call me(bit louder) Buffalo(E rrrrrrrr uuuu mmm aaaaaaaa in Tamil).. that's it i was ready for the day.
  • Second my girl friend.. Every night i talk with my girl at least for an hour in my cellphone. Actually her voice also a sweet one like my mom, in earphone her voice have direct access to my ear drums. Even in the dreams she playing drums.
  • Both of them are too good.(I hate Diplomacy)..
  • But technically speaking, female voice is the standard voice for announcing and alerting services and it can travel so easily to our ears. Simply saying It's like a LASER. that's why female voices lingering all the places and not for other reasons.
  • That's why my dad not trying to wake up me .. but he have an other way, My dad simply kick my .... OK. So next time you heard a lady voice think they are not angels but technically.
Whatever my angel voices never let me sleep.


  1. lol...angels who do not let you sleep....

    angels, they are...

  2. oh,,,great story..bt say wats ur girl FRIEND name????ill accept about ur mom voice...bt i wont accept abt ur girl friend voice,,,,


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