Sep 22, 2011

2080 Headlines - Facebook Kingdom

News Headlines in the year 2080,

  • Abdul Kasab dies at 97 in jail.
  • Sharad pawar owns half the world.
  • A Raja's( tainted ex telecom minister) grand son R Ilaya raja does a 6g scam.
  • A girl in Mumbai travels 50 feet safely.
  • "Andaman hurricanes" new team joins the IPL as 76th team.
  • Pakistan occupying the whole western India, now want Delhi too. Indian PM( would be Manmohan Singh's grandson and Rahul Gandhi's son as congress party leader)says that they can resolve issues only by peaceful talks.
  • In Bollywood, Golmal 34 released, Tushar kapoor still unable to talk or act.
and This is the Mother of all..
  • the web giant Facebook declared as a country ! all members will become the citizens of Facebook.
  • Facebook did that with a simple privacy update.. So all hail Facebook.
  • Actually Facebook would be a Kingdom like Great Brittan was once.. Many groups fighting for freedom. In India.. Gandhi's grand grand grand ......son leading the Indian freedom struggle in the way of Gandhi .. Non violence.
An Indian sms with some interpretations..

Sep 15, 2011

Facebook will start Ad service like ad-sense?

As i told you in the last post, Facebook surely will start the ad service like Google ad-sense.
  • Facebook is the only strong and strong competitor for Google.
  • Recently Facebook started its mail service too.
  • Facebook linked with almost all the web pages in the internet.
  • Many(big names too) started using the Facebook Comments plugin on in their website/blog instead of their comments box. Recent readings Facebook plugin Like
  • In fact, Every website/blog page was occupied (at least 400*400 )a certain space.So, everyone using Facebook directly or indirectly.
  • Unlike other ad services Facebook don't have to invent a new script or technology .Facebook already running ads in Facebook pages.
  • Facebook going so smooth with its plugins, Facebook can (will) introduce a new plugin for its ad service.
  •  Facebook ad service would be more specific than Google Ad-sense.. Because Facebook connected with individuals, Where as Google connected with IP addresses. Facebook advertisers are not going to be only brands.. Individuals promote anything with Facebook ads.
  • Facebook advertisers don't look for domain ownership and all. Because the history of humanity is in the Facebook data base now.
  • If it does... The impact definitely affect Google ad-sense.  Google ad-sense will reconsider its terms.
  • So this is the future.. and its so near. If Google is so rude with bloggers and new web masters, Then it will regret.
  • Don't worry bloggers/new web masters.. Facebook ads will come soon..

Why Ad-sense - Alternates

Ad-sense Alternatives
 The latest Ad-sense announcement  waves(more than Google waves..) the internet little bit. Because  the forum based ad-sense publishers are not eligible for ad-sense any more and new publishers must have their own domain( You can't get an ad-sense account with forum pages any more, The websites like and many forums will suffer with this to attract many new members that's for sure.
 Why Google ad-sense  dominating the whole advertising industry in internet?
What are the alternatives? 
What is the future could be?
  • Yahoo can be a tough competitor for ad-sense, but  Yahoo-Publisher network  is not even launched in many countries.
  • I have to tell you about Ad-brite, I have(d) an account in ad-brite for three years. But i only made $ 10. where as in ad-sense, $ 10 is matter of hours.Chitika,bitvertiser are the same in this.
  • There are many ad services available in web space, But many of them looks like spam. Instead of having spam ad links,let your website a no ad zone.
  • There is no stronger alternative for Google ad-sense today. I believe Facebook will surely do something against ad-sense in future, But for now we have only one option Ad-sense.

How to get Disable Ad-sense account

 Every website owner, blogger and even web masters (like Alexa) need Google ad-sense to make some bucks in internet. But to sustain with ad-sense is become too hard. In fact, i don't spend time in my website because of the fear of ad-sense disable.
 Now, new ad-sense publishers should know few things.. Before publishing your ad units. 
How to get Disable your Ad-sense account
  • Be a member in traffic exchange sites(auto/manual traffic.. whatever) and boost traffic to your site with them.
  • Tell your friends to click your blog/website ad units pretty often. You can also click the ad units by yourself(that's damn easy way to get disable your ad-sense account).
  • In many cases, you don't have to click.. just view your website/blog ( with Google ad-sense) pages 24/7.
  • Once your account was disabled in above ways, there is no way of getting back again. But very few genuine,rare, innocent people like me can get another ad-sense account.
So try your luck..
But on serious note..Today getting an approved ad-sense account is a tough thing, so I quote " website/blog owners "don't try this".

Sep 14, 2011

Pretty India Images - Kathakali - An Indian Dance form

Pretty India Images - Kathakali - An Indian Dance form

Image Description: Veteran dancers performing Kathakali with fancy dresses made with peacock feathers and Florescent facial colors let the performer to express his motion. Its an Ancient dance form of Kerala,India. Kathakali one of the toughest dance  to learn and perform. But when they perform, its so pretty as India.

Sep 12, 2011

how to break your laptop

how to break your laptop

This is a practically proven idea..So we are sure about the damage.

How to break your Laptop very simple and cool
  • Watch your favorite video songs at sleepy time with headset
  • When you fall in to half sleep, Your head set will fall in to the laptop key board (one piece is enough..).
  • Turn off your laptop.
  • Fold your screen.. Its not closing?(head set piece stuck inside .!).. Press well enough.
  • That's it.. Your LCD screen will broke and liquid will come out. 
  • Many cases screen only break..If you  lucky enough,Then liquid will go in to the circuit boards and the  laptop would become a serving tray.. Cool huh?.
 This is a real experience of my friend Vikki..He have(d) Sony vaio and this is how he broke his laptop.
Future how to articles
  • How to break your iPod/iPhone.
  • How to break your TV.
I'll share it after he broke them.

Disclaimer: The user experience differs person to person, So we are not responsible, if there is only minimum damages.

Yaakit - Give it For Free

Yaakit - Give it For Free

Noble hearts must know this..What you do with your old cell phone ? ..Exchange it or sell it for a price of a multiplex pop corn. Why don't you give it for free?..
  • You are willing to give your old cell phone for free?
  • You ready to give your TV for free?
  • LCD Monitor.. oh sorry ..old Monitor?
  • Key board?, Books?, Toys?.
Then this is for you Mr/Ms/Mrs generous.. Yaakit is a noble concept of give and take for free.
Yaakit is not so popular yet..Till now(09/09/2011), There are 25 items only given away . According to Yaakit, only 25 generous people available in planet earth (nobility lost in the world?).

You can also find stuffs, Like this..

   So, noble hearts.. give your stuffs for free and make the world a noble one. For that matter, You can  give your iPod, Laptop or jewels too.
Yaak it

Sep 7, 2011

Pretty India Images -Athapookolam - Floor art by Flowers

Pretty India Images -Athapookolam- a Floor art by FlowersImage Description: Athapookolam is a Floor art by colorful flowers, Belongs to God's own country Kerala. The Onam celebrations incomplete without Athapookolam and pretty India incomplete without Pretty Kerala, God's own Country.

Sep 5, 2011

Text to Speech - What to do with TTS Tool

Text To Speech - What are the uses of Text to Speech tools

Text To speech is one of the most under estimated tool by end users Because of the ignorance of what to do with that. This technology is not widely used by all, Even pro users .

What to do s

  •  Long time Book readers and E book readers can use Text to Speech service and they can  listen to books instead of reading.This is good for eyes too.
  • Students can convert their text books to sound files and they can listen. Students with learning difficulties(dyslexia ) can use this service.
  • Blog/web masters can use this service, They can make their blog posts speaking their long articles as sound  posts as  
  •  Visually handicapped persons can read(listen) books with this tech and i would say,this is the  Most important usage of this tech. 
Natural reader

Natural reader is one of the better TTS tool available in net, We can also download it for free.

Natural Reader

  • Natural reader covers most of the above  features.
  • Natural reader can read PDF files,MS word, Internet explorer,Mozilla Firefox,Email and on. Premium version can convert an image as a sound or a text file.
  • Check out Natural readers website for more.
There are many online TTS tools available like From text to speech .

Sep 4, 2011

Wear your Email Mask

Most of the time we need to be an anonymous user in web space, But many websites ask our email id to use their service. We do hesitate to share our email id because of the spam threat and the credibility of the websites, .
  Here is the simple solution for use those websites.., Not sharing my info gives you a permanent mask for your email id.
Not sharing my info-wear your  Email Mask

  • Enter your email id and get a not sharing my info email id,Something looks like this .
  • We can use this mail id to one time visit websites and doubtful websites. Spammers can't track us.
  •  The news letters and reports are forwarded to your mail id (like URL forwarding).
  • But can't use this id in main stream websites such as Facebook.
Again this is not prevent us from spam mails because modern mail services(G mail..) are much better than spammers, so they can filter spam mails. not sharing my info mail id helps us to hide our privacy.. That's it.
Not sharing my info

Sep 3, 2011

Secret Mail - send Private messages

Some times we need super secret services like this..You wanna share a secret to a person, But only that person. There are hackers all around , so email is not a good idea, It should be secret so no text,The message should be deleted after one time read.. so try Privnote ..
Secret Mail - send Private messages

This is the service
  • Write a secret message or Note.
  • Get a link and send it through mail/text.
  • The message will self destruct After being read.
That's it..Your secret was still a secret..
  •  The messages are self destructive, so the user can read only one time. Then it will be deleted automatically by itself.
  •  Secret agents may need this service
  •  More than secret agents, Girls need this kind of secret message services. They can send multiple love letters through this.. no one find it and prove it (even boy friends..). 

So, If you wanna share hush.. hush.. secret messages with other, Share it with Privnote

Sep 1, 2011

Pretty India Images - Lord Krishna with flute and Peacock Feathers

Pretty India Images - Lord Krishna with flute and  Peacock Feathers Image Description: Indian Lord Krishna with his magical flute, Surrounded by Pretty Indian Peacock feathers.