Yaakit - Give it For Free

Yaakit - Give it For Free

Noble hearts must know this..What you do with your old cell phone ? ..Exchange it or sell it for a price of a multiplex pop corn. Why don't you give it for free?..
  • You are willing to give your old cell phone for free?
  • You ready to give your TV for free?
  • LCD Monitor.. oh sorry ..old Monitor?
  • Key board?, Books?, Toys?.
Then this is for you Mr/Ms/Mrs generous.. Yaakit is a noble concept of give and take for free.
Yaakit is not so popular yet..Till now(09/09/2011), There are 25 items only given away . According to Yaakit, only 25 generous people available in planet earth (nobility lost in the world?).

You can also find stuffs, Like this..

   So, noble hearts.. give your stuffs for free and make the world a noble one. For that matter, You can  give your iPod, Laptop or jewels too.
Yaak it


  1. Hi, this is Yaakit Team we thank Mabeats.com for the nice review and we hope to get more people with good heart giving away their unwanted items for free :)


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