Aug 30, 2011

Robots for Corruption

Robots for Corruption 
Robots, We only saw them in science fiction movies but the future is near. I know many of us  against robots..Because of the fear of domination over human race.
 But i have a reason to support the robots.. Imagine a Govt office full of robots.. and now you support me.

Yep .. To crush the corruption from our govt offices, Robots are the only choice we have. Many fed up Indians like me and even Anna hazare will support this.
Why not?
  • In 2025, Robots could fill 3.5 million human jobs in Japan. This because of the shrinking population of japan.
  • Industrial Robots already occupies most of the industrial jobs of humans
  •  Snake wranglers started using robots to find and catch snakes and that reduces the risk of snake bites..
Robotization is important  than privatization in Govt offices,
  • The productivity will improve with Robots.
  • Robots never asks Bribe (This is key..)
But if a govt officer trained a robot, Then Robot also ask bribe..


Aug 29, 2011

Real Victory of Anna

Real Victory of Anna

 Vande... Mataram, Inculab... Jindabad.,Bharat Maata ki... Je .. Most of us heard these words in period movies only. Reel heroes says these words emotionally.. but if someone says these words in today's India, it looks pretty odd to us and mostly they do for political reasons only. We never had the patrioticmotion in us.
  How many times we've seen our national flag waves in streets in recent past?, I've seen it while the world cup victory of Indian cricket team only.
  But last 10 days we've seen that patriotic motion in every Indian and our national flag  waving all the streets(not for cricket victory). That is the power of Anna. Now the Jan Lokpal in parliament and it seems this is victory.
  I don't believe Jan lokpal will end corruption and  this is not a victory of Anna. Anna made us Indians, When Anna says Vande mataram... it doesn't sounds odd to us.. even in 2011. That is what the victory of Anna. 

Indian Politicians in Web Search

These are some Google search about our leaders and it shows how much Indians respect their political leaders.

This is our Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh in Google search

This is Congress party leader.
Sonia Gandhi in Google search

This is future Prime minister of India.
Rahul Gandhi in Google search

The 1st Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru and Nehru too..
Nehru in Google search

Mother of all.. our father of the nation, Gandhi..
Gandhi in Google search

Aug 24, 2011

I have to Pay for Anna

I love the word serendipity (An unexpected heavenly happening..) and i tell you why i mentioned that word. For some reasons i decided to change my shop's name and going to register in days, the name changing idea came before 6 months but now only its very strong in my mind.
  . My shop's old name is west view baby shop, this name already taken by a Mumbai concern and they have the ™. So i got the new name and the registration process is going on, Now i tell you why i mentioned the word serendipity. the new name is Anna Baby Shop.
 The name just came out from me, But today the name Anna is so popular and i am proud of this co incident. 
Applying the TIN no and registering name
  • To apply TIN number, I have to pay to the tax office 530 rupees(officially).
  • But like all government offices sales tax office also a complete corrupted one.
  • So if i pay bribe to all the #@** officers , I have to spend 7000 rupees.
  • I'm saying i can't give bribe but my accountant says," if you not pay, You won't get your job done".
  •  How the officer will ask bribe after seeing the name Anna? Reality is they ask even for Gandhi.
  • My prayer is ..For the name  Anna sake i don't have to give bribe..
Now I'm in a war of my own in my mind, My intention is not to pay but my surroundings are not.. I'll update in few days that what wins.. My intention or ...

Aug 23, 2011

Yahoo MoviePlex - The Indian Movie Portal

Yahoo Movieplex - watch Indian movies
Yahoo always dying to show its presence around the web, This is another yelling of I'm here ..Yahoo movieplex.This service is pretty much the same of what  YouTube Box office . Yahoo version of Indian movie player. There is not much to say about, Let see the Difference between Box Office and Multiplex

  •    You hardly find any difference between Yahoo Movieplex and Google Box office,The first one is.. Movieplex is a yahoo product and Box office is a Google product(that's a big difference).
  • we can watch Bollywood movies in both of them, That's not a difference.
  • You can only watch newly (premium?) uploaded movies for a month only in Box office but in Movieplex once the new movie uploaded then its there till the Armageddon.
  • The movies are different, You can't find the same movie in both.
  • But YouTube is the ultimate video hub so it is better, So  veteran Google is really a better place than Yahoo multiplex.

Aug 22, 2011

Sound Cloud-YouTube of Sound

Internet is a silent place, Even the 3rd generation internet users use the web for file sharing and surf. Sound is irritating in internet, That's what many believes and a website with sound is uninvited for many. But there is a website
Sound cloud - YouTube of sound

 A musician started this site for musicians looking to show their talent and get their own fan base.  we can see (hear) many fresh voices and instrument sounds around this site, Few looks crap but still the real artist will reach his audience with.

  I like the comments part in this site, its like marking the best part in the sound file. It looks different, Files are loading so quick, so that's also looks good. But the content is what important, its hard to stay for a long time in this site to me.

Sound cloud Apps also available for I Pod and other android gadgets. we can create our own too.

  Sound cloud  is an user dependent website like YouTube, User participation is the most important in this site. Users should share unique sound files because there are many mp3 sites available around the web, So many like me can easily say "this is an another mp3 site".

Aug 20, 2011

Watch Strap for I Pod Nano

Watch Strap for I Pod Nano
 Some times small things can make a difference in the way what we see. Lets see what is that small thing,
The world is crazy with I Pods and whatever comes with I pod becomes a hit.. now its  Watch strap. , Some crazy guys created this business model(where do these people come from.) .. The watch Strap for I Pod nano and its a hit.
  I Pod Nano is an another different(!?) apple product, Its small, square and of course that's the different. I Pod Nano have some basic apps and one of an app is this clock app. With this app I Pod Nano looks like a watch and that's it. Some one made a strap. is a dedicated watch strap selling website. Have a good bunch of designs,colors and they've named their collections like Time Piece,Q2,carbon and on. The watch straps looks cute and elegant.
I'm sure many will buy I Pod nano for these watch straps.

Aug 19, 2011

Alphabets for Next Generation

Alphabet,Alphabets for Next Generation

The next Generation Alphabets
  • A for Apple
  • B for Bluetooth
  • C for Chatting
  • D for Download
  • E for Email
  • F for Facebook
  • G for Google
  • H for HTML
  • I for I phone
  • J for Java
  • L for Laptop
  • M for Message
  • N for Nero
  • O for Orkut
  • P for Picasa
  • Q for QuickTime
  • R for Ram
  • S for Server
  • U for USB
  • V for Vista
  • W for WiFi
  • X for XP
  • Y for YouTube
  • Z for Zorpia
this is not some funny thing, actually we have to see this in different view. For instance, E for elephant or D for donkey are not a day to day object.. We only find them in zoo. Its gonna be weird to believe, But  A for Apple remains the same always..

Aug 17, 2011

Kidzui - A Browser for Kids

Kidzui - A Browser for Kids

Internet is the biggest trash in the world, there are good and bad but we can't easily filter the good things. Parents are the worried people about what their kids viewing in internet and always looking for some thing to monitor their kids.

Kidzui a browser for kids, we can say it a Browser for parents.This kids browser only show the safe contents even in YouTube. with this kids browser, parents can monitor their kids and in fact this browser acts like a parent.

  • All the sites and web pages allowed here were tested and they are kids friendly sites..
  • Even YouTube videos in this browser are safe and kids friendly.
  • Kids friendly Games for kids.

 Then your kid in a safe zone in internet.So don't be afraid of the internet, let your kid browse the web. But make sure your kids using only Kidzui.

But many parents treat their kids as kids for long time (sometimes 21..), I prefer its only for kids under 14 or 15. If you have a teen kid then look for sonmething else.

Aug 16, 2011

Pretty India - A lady with head phone

Pretty India, A lady with head phone, Indian flag waving behind, An Indian girl, India Image Description:A lady official at work, She was busy with her head phone and the Pretty  Indian flag waving in the background.

Aug 14, 2011

Pretty India Images - Light of Wealth

Pretty India images,Light of WealthImage Description: In India all special occasions are decorated with lights like this and we have here is a Light of wealth an auspicious one.You will find them in India, always Pretty India 

Aug 9, 2011

Visit Museums Online

Take a tour to museums all around the world without passport,visa or even any dollar bill. Google's art project let us explore the world of museums and the art works from home and for free. I believe an art must belongs to everyone, Great art works must see by all and this art project doing the very same.

  •  17+ Museums -  art works from famous museums all around the world. 
  • Street view technology 360° navigation gives us the real experience of visiting the museums.
  • 1000+Art works of 480+ famous artists were displayed in 380+ virtual rooms.
  • High resolution images,Every image in the gallery was so detailed(14000+ million pixels). So the viewing experience is amazing.  
  • Still Monalisa  not in the gallery, Copyrights issue?.Google can't show many art works due to the Copyrights prob.
The Frick collection New York

You can Plan Museum Tour like this
  •  Start your tour from MoMa(Museum of Modern Art) New York and finish your break fast,
  • Then Visit Van gogh museum in Amsterdam and have lunch,
  • Then hit the National Gallery London for Tea,
  • End your tour in The State Hermitage Museum, St.Peters berg.
    Art and history lovers,Kids must visit these virtual museums. I suggest 3D surfing for make this museum ride more real.

Aug 8, 2011

Green Leaves with Blurry blue Background

Green Leaves with Blurry blue BackroundView imageImage Description:Fresh Green leaves with blue blurry background, The image taken n a gloomy dark evening. Dark desktop wallpapers are good for your eyes, So choose your wallpapers wise like this one.

Aug 7, 2011

View Web pages in 3D

3D technology going crazy these days, 3D laptops,3D monitors,3d TVs all going 3d. I guess in few years all the monitors could be turned to 3D. Then it surely affect the web space too, we have to prepare for the 3D browsing.

Firefox Browsers:
Then i must say the 3D browsing era begun already, A Firefox add on gives us the 3D experience. With this add on we can view the web pages in 3D, We can rotate our web pages 360° with this. For now this thing looks like only for fun, But its the beginning of era.
Get the Tilt
This is another add on we can find in Firefox website, Fox-Tab acts like a Firefox desktop.Simply saying, Viewing tabs is what 3D in Fox-Tab.We can choose themes,set wallpapers.. pretty much like desktop.
We can view the tabs in different modes like grid view,Page flow mode,Stack mode,wall mode and more.If you like it, Go get it.

For Chrome Browsers:

Google Chrome with 3D

unlike other Google products Chrome started dominating the web space, Comparatively Chrome beats the tough competitor Firefox and why not. Coming to 3D, Actually Chrome makes it simple. with an add on called Chrome with 3D.Its easy to navigate, After installing the Add on.. you'll find the 3D glass button in your Chrome browser. with that you can simply turn on and off 3D browsing.You surely need 3D glasses and Google makes it simple. See the image.

View Your YouTube Videos in 3D

View Your YouTube Videos in 3D
View Image

Actually its very easy, You don't need any software knowledge for that.
Here is how to view your YouTube videos in 3D:
  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Select the video uploaded by you.
  • Find the tag section and add this tag yt3d:enable=true .
  • Now your video is turned a 3D video, you can view in YouTube and share with others.
  • You need 3D glasses of course.
 This is the easy way and you'll get 3D..and if you looking for other ways..

View 3D Without 3D glasses  But with Pain:

After doing the above steps,
  • Look for 3D button in your YouTube Video and click for options.
  • Select the Other options and you'll get a set of 3D options.
  • You'll see 3 set of options. 
  • first one is 3D glass viewing that's pretty easy with 3d glasses.
  • Second set of options for  3D monitors or TVs. 
  • Third is No 3D device.
  • If you select the No 3D device, then you'll see 2 screens in your video.
  • Try to see the left video with right eye and right with your left eye and this is so painful(Who is the dumb that added this feature?).I don't recommend this..
  • Better see with 3D glasses.
You can look for more 3D videos in YouTube through this..

Aug 5, 2011

How much Your City Costs

Ex Googlers (Ex employees of Google) rocking the web and this website was also from an Ex Googler called Mladen Adamovic(Ireland). Numbeo is dealing with Cost of living in world cities.Simply saying,how much a egg cost in your city? and other cities ?. Like this you can find all kind of prices and comparisons in this site.
  • Numbeo looks like a basic HTML site, Have no flashy images and animations. Pretty normal site with huge amount of info.
  • Users can update the cost of living info of their city.
  • we can find Hotel fare, Apartment rent, Food prices and egg price too.
  • We can compare the prices of our city with all world cities.
  • This site very helpful for travelers and
 I did my cost of living comparison,and i had my results.. something like this...

  • $1000 in Madurai is $4321 in New York.
and More
  • Consumer Prices in New York, NY are 206.87% higher than in Madurai.
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in New York, NY are 356.72% higher than in Madurai.
  • Rent Prices in New York, NY are 1,678.00% higher than in Madurai.
  • Restaurant Prices in New York, NY are 563.85% higher than in Madurai.
  • Groceries Prices in New York, NY are 204.02% higher than in Madurai.
  • Local Purchasing Power in New York, NY is 316.29% higher than in Madurai.
Cost Of Living huh..

Aug 4, 2011

YouTube Box Office - Watch Movies in YouTube

YouTube Box Office - Watch Movies in YouTube
View Image

YouTube the ultimate video site now added the most awaited feature the YouTube Box Office. It started in 2010, Many unaware about it like me. Most of us always looking for a good movie watching website, But Most of the websites are not legit and pirated content. In YouTube also some unauthorized  movie channels available, Legit users like me(!) feel guilty to watch them.
  • That's why, YouTube makes it legal with YouTube Box Office
  • Google YouTube and the copyrights owners legally uploaded the movies. 
  • We can watch Bollywood and other regional movies too.
  • YouTube add new movies every month.
  • All good quality movies.
  • Its legit,its free and Its free to download...and. What else.

Aug 3, 2011

Pretty India - Beautiful Deity of Lord Durga

Beautiful Lord Durga DeityView Image Image Description: Beautiful image of Lord Durga, The Hindu Goddess looks Pretty. Isn't she?.

Aug 1, 2011

Face Recognition - Facebook - Face Tag

Face tag - Facebook - Face Recognition

Facebook is never care about user privacy,yet another privacy prob for Facebook and this time its about Automatic face recognition. Facebook add new features pretty often (even without informed),few looks good and few(many few s) looks bad Many cries foul about these things. I always support Facebook,
That's Why
  • Facebook is not a private place and its not made for individuals.
  • If you looking for individual privacy, You already have G mail. In G mail, you can be so alone.. no one gonna see you anymore. But don't tell password to others(hush..).
  • If you need to be so private with your friends, then host your own social media.
  • You should understand that Facebook is a commercial website after all, It belongs to a money loving kid called Mark Zuckerberg. That kid  doesn't care about your privacy.
  • Facebook, ultimately a website belongs to someone, we are just members and visitors in that site. Mark zuckerberg  never invited anyone to his site, We are going everyday and sharing everything. 
  •  So talking about privacy in Facebook is mere stupidity.
  • Still you need privacy then delete your Facebook account.
 Anyways, How to disable Face recognition:
  • In Account
  • Select Privacy Settings,
  • In Things others share,
  • Look for Suggest photos me to friends,
  • Click Edit Settings
  • Look there is something Enabled(default),
  • and Disable it..
This is what Facebook says in the face tag settings,

"This feature uses a comparison of photos you're tagged in to suggest that friends tag you in new photos.

You're always in control of your tags on Facebook:
  •     Only friends can tag you in photos
  •     We'll notify you when a friend has tagged you
  •     You can remove a friend's tag at any time
  •     Tag suggestions are based only on photos you've allowed yourself to be tagged in. "

Oh,.. see how good Facebook is..