May 30, 2012

Reduce Petrol Price - A Facebook Campaign

Reduce Petrol Price - A Facebook Campaign
 When the petrol price hike hit the news at late evening,  Hartal (strike,Total Shut down )hits the streets of Kerala in very next morning. That's the spirit of Kerala and it lies in unity. Even though,There are many negative aspects in Hartal , it's a way to express the civil anger.
 I wonder the price hike not only hit Kerala. But all other agitations are just formal political events. People have their reasons to not involve in any agitations or strike.
Why don't we show our anger in a democratic way. ?
This is a Facebook page ask to reduce petrol price. If you can just show some activity in this page. Petrol 50. if you can...         "Petrol 50" because petrol can be sell at Rs. 50 .

There are reasons to say this price hike is intolerable..

May 26, 2012

How much Facebook earns from me

Facebook entering stock market. that's the big news all around the media now.. . That means We are the share holders and we get money for our all status messages, likes,unlike s... its OK we are not gonna get any penny for that ..but Facebook does.
How much Facebook earn from me - How worthy i am

This is how things goes in Stock Market:
  In stock market, A car company's value decided by it's market value,sales and future sales. But  Facebook have no selling product... all it has is we the users..Remember,we are the asset to Facebook .. We are the real "Valued" users of Facebook. Every one of us matters to Mark Zuckerberg.
    That kid(Mark Zuckerberg) and Facebook values us according to our activity..our likes,unlike s,photo sharing,tagging,Status messages(including I'm offline), all calculated in pennies(dollars).
 Apart from that stock market thing, Facebook earns $5 in a year from me by showing ads to me. I worth  $119 to Facebook. We can check how much Facebook earn from us and how worthy we are to Facebook in Go .
  •  Mark Zuckerberg added only 10 status messages this year  life event "Married Priscilla Chan". This is him on Facebook with 14million followers.
  • Few years back when Orkut was so popular..  some said that Orkut making lots of money with user activity that in numbers a cent for a scrape.. (i stopped scrapping after that).
  • One big woe ... Facebook's only income source is showing ads.
  •  The auto mobile legend General motors said that they not gonna give ads to Facebook anymore because Facebook ads are not better than mainstream media ads and its better to use the Facebook page(its free..) . If all big brands does that, its not good for Facebook.

May 23, 2012

Tiger in the wild forest - wallpaper

An Indian Tiger looking for shelter in the wild forest
Image Description: An Indian Tiger looking for shelter in the wild forest. Good for desktop wallpaper.

May 17, 2012

Penalty to Private - Why should pay Penalty charges to Private companies

Do you remember how many time you got penalized by private companies ?..your bank? your broad band service provider? .you ever  think what they do with your penalty money?.
Penalty to Private - Why should pay Penalty charges to Private companies; we are private we make money in every thing

  • Privatization in service sector is questionable because they always looking to earn money out of everything.
  •  As an outstanding(late comer) student i paid a fair amount of penalty to my school. My school use the penalty money  for charity or spend it for poor kid's education or something. So whenever i pay penalty i feel bit happy because its for good cause at last.  
  • But these days too much of private hands in school business(?). I don't know how the penalty money is spent by the schools because you know it... Most schools.  
  • Telecom sector should need more restrictions in these penalty income. Often we(i) pay as penalty  is the late payment charges. I don't understand the concept, First of all.. If i delayed my payment one day from the due date, the company charging extra 100 bucks(with service tax) and if more delayed, there comes the service interruption. Even if I'm a 3 year long continued(privileged?) customer.
  • A senior citizen couple living in an 20 story apartment and rarely come out side of their flat because of their bad health. They are using broadband for only to chat with their NRI son in UK. They are customer of an internet service provider more than 3 years and they pay bill with penalty every month because of the company. According to The company terms they only arrange door collection service after the due date crossed. The old couple can't go anywhere or don't have technical knowledge for online payment.  So they paying penalty every month. 
  • Imagine a telecom company earn 10% extra money through penalty, They spend it for charity or customer offers? no its just an another way of income.
  • OK. the telecom company collecting the extra money(penalty) from their customers because of they doubt the customer is suspicious. But why don't the company return the penalty amount in the next bill because the customer is legit and continuing with the company. The company  got its original bill amount then why they needed the extra money?. why TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) not getting into these things?.
  • Can Kingfisher airlines pay penalty to their passengers for their non service?.
  • My HD_C bank account was closed for funny reason by the bank without any proper intimation to me..Any way the account was closed with some good amount of money...Bank staffs said, i get the money in next day by DD through courier.. But due to some technical malfunctioning of the bank, I got my money after 35 days from the closed date. All i got from the bank for their mistake is just a SORRY from a call center employee.. and no penalty or late payment charges.

May 11, 2012

Save Paper to Save Tree

Paper roll tree - Paper roll in tree trunk with green background
Some times i like the Eco friendly ideas , my broadband provider ask me to subscribe e billing to save the trees..  i thought they try to manipulating me to not send the postal bill statement and i need my money to be worth with the paper statement(i know many does that..). One more psychological reason also there.. a corporate company spends some money and contacting  me directly.
 But in in a larger picture cutting trees for paper is the worst thing to the environment(wow Eco friendly thought ).

  •  60% of our waste is Paper.
  • 8.5 million* tonnes of paper produced  every year in India but only 20% of paper only recycled.
  • 60 Kg paper = 1 Tree.,   600 Kg paper = 10 trees. .. Yep, that's the amount of trees we can save with not using papers.(Paper man courtesy).
  • Don't write college/school assignments just type it as soft copy (if teachers/lecturers says OK..).
  • Use the Eco friendly papers ..that means papers made by sugarcane waste or other alternate ways . Simply not cutting trees.
Another piece of info
  • In India, we are cutting 2000 trees in every 10 Kilo meters of road expansion projects alone.
  • A tree equals to 10 Air condition machines (at least 1 ton.).

    May 8, 2012

    Heart wallpapers - Golden flowers in Heart Image

    Heart wallpapers - Golden flowers in Heart ImageImage Description: Beautiful Golden flowers making the Heart in a nice floral illustrated artwork .

    May 4, 2012

    Paper Man - School kids saving tree

    Paper man
    Paper man an NGO from Chennai pushing school Kids to field work.. For a good cause though.
    • 60 Kg paper  = one tree and 600 Kg  is 10 trees. That's the numbers to encourage kids to save trees. 
    • The concept is so simple..They pick school Kids collect old  papers - selling it to paper man with that money they educating poor kids and importantly they recycling the paper and saving the trees.
    • Not just school kids, We can also recycle paper. we can find the nearest paper man in our city with their website.
    • You can be a coordinator or involve in the paper man of your city.