Dec 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 Cool. Happy. enjoy. celebrate .
"Its not the end of the World,
Its just the end of the year....
Happy New Year

Dec 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D and The 7D Ride

One of the most successful series in the e world is Samsung Galaxy series, At least 20+ products are there in this series Not just mobiles and Tab, Galaxy Camera is the new one.
Galaxy Tab is the most successful Tablet series in many ways,
  • Such as, android got a brand because 98% of android tablets were 2nd and 3rd grade brands. In more specific China Brands. So, The success of Samsung Galaxy tab made  android a brand and an OS not only for China Tabs.
  • and a real competitor  for i-Pad.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D
Enough said, The third edition of the Samsung tab is gonna be 3D?. This is the hot speculation around the web. 3D means real 3D which means not wearing cyan magenta glasses kind of 3D. Yep.. it comes with 3D display.
 Already gaming device like Nintendo have such thing and LG has it with few devices. But they are not a big hit. Samsung, doing great in mobile market. So, 3D with Samsung tab is definitely rock the market.
  •  But if it comes with 3D, they release a non 3D version for somebody.  
  • Like Hollywood, why Samsung doing 3D with its 3rd part?. what for Tab 4 a 4D?
 Talking about 4D,Recently i went to local mall and they introduced a ride something called 7D ride. We were thrilled to see that because 3D itself a great thing and i was actually quite amused,feared,shivered....and the banners are intimidating with dinosaur biting,roller coaster and all.
  But we were went in and the seat belt is on.
You know how it is,

  • I am sitting in a chair, worst 3d animation roller coaster movie in the screen ,
  • suddenly, My chair was rocking like Baby rocking chair,
  • suddenly,  water pissing in face(not my friend). I thought it was a trailer.
  • I'm waiting for the 7D effects and screen went white,Lights came on. 
  • Oh my god.. that's it. that's 7D... we paid 150 bucks for this. 
  • you know we were used many words there, Really can't say now. 
7D Ride
I hope Samsung galaxy tab 3D and 4D,5D,6D,7D are not cheat us like the 7D ride. Oh My God  that is 7D. please never waste your 150 bucks.

Dec 14, 2012

Heavenly Flower Garden Wallpaper

Heavenly Flower Garden

Image Description:
Heavenly Flower Garden Wallpaper - Mysterious heavenly flowers in a blue Blurry sky like Background.

Flower Images

Dec 12, 2012

Bar code Yourself

 How many people calculated/insulted you with your "worth" and adding a virtual price tag?. Well that's everyone's problem., That's why Bar code artist Scott Blake thinking this way.
 First, know what's in the bar code,
Bar Code Yourself

  Bar codes contains all the information about a product that includes the manufacturer ID,product info and all. Scott Blake, an artist want to do with human "worth" price tag and Bar code. So, he ends up with this idea of Human Bar coding.

 This is not a serious stuff, this is nothing to do with your financial status or something, Its just like a BMI calculator. visit Bar-code Art website

Start Bar code wizard

Pick your
  • Gender,
  • Age,
  • Country,
  • Height,
  • Weight,
That's it. You got your Bar code and embarrass who price tagged you with this. May be we could use it as Facebook Cover., That's the place to Bar code yourself and Scott Blake added more stuff.