How often do you see the Time

We are bound by Time because we believe in time.
How often you see time? .

Few days back, battery died in wall clock and We forgot to change battery for two days. That 48 hours Everyone gone mad without the time.

It's hard to take off your eyes from time, wall clocks, wrist watches, personal computers, Cellphones, Smart phones, News channels, wearable devices are all having an inbuilt time machine.

We see Time for no reason,

  • Whether we do something or nothing, We see time. 
  • Waking up in a middle of the night and we see the time. 

How often do you see the Time - forget time for some time, clock, digital clock, sand clock, blue background

clock is ticking,

  • 6 o'clock wake up, 7 o'clock take bath, 
  • 8 leave house, 9 stuck in traffic, 
  • 10.10 late for work, 1.30 lunch, 5.30 leave office, traffic, home, age 60+ just die and before that see the time. 

Time logic.

  • Many Indian families set the wall clock time 10 minutes faster than the exact time. They feel This helps them to be on time. 
  • It freaking me out and it bothers me when it happens in my home. I don't want that much pressure. 
  • So, I put my clock 10 minutes slower than the now time. Before smart phone, my feature phone time is set slower than the time. 
  • I felt it is less pressure and I thought I have more time. I didn't miss anything and it's cool. 

What is the real time?
We created the Greenwich mean time, Indian standard time, day light savings, Time zones, 24 hours and all.

Nature have cool timings.
Day and Night.
Isn't that simple.
If sun shines, it's a day.
Sun down it's night.

Forget time for some time because the time is not gonna end.