War for Water

War for water,water,Ganges water,ganges water
 H2O the chemical component which is essential for formation of all kind of life formation around the universe, Human race searching water for almost everywhere(even in Google..).The future of Green planet depends on the one chemical component "H2O" the Water.

Ten years back, I thought  why these companies selling water in bottles? Water is everywhere and its easy to get. But today i am a customer of those bottle water companies, that same me buying water (10 Liters ) for 36 rupees. A country like India, have all the resources of water. We have a bunch of sacred rivers like Ganges, Ground water and rainy monsoons but some times Cherrapunji the wettest place in the world face drinking water shortage problems. Recently our former president of India A.P.J.Abdul kalam  said, "in the future, wars  happen only for water ".

  • In older days  travelers carry Ganges water for their long sea travels because Ganges water  drinkable for years its the purest water around the world. But its history now, Recently they found there is Zero oxygen in river Ganges. Which makes Ganges is  the dirtiest river in the world. See wiki
  • Country like Singapore buying water from Malaysia for its drinking purposes. But you never feel any drinking water problem in Singapore. (that is one of the reason  Singapore attracts more tourists  )
  • Approximately 70% of Rain water going to sewer  in major cities  because of inactive rain water management systems. 
  • Recently they found in San Francisco,  that their drinking water did not  have an important sexual hormone.
  • The largest rain forest in the world, lungs of the earth Amazon Rain forest faces Drought in successive years(2005,06).

  •   In earth 97% of water was in the form of sea, 2% of the water was in the form of ice berg, 1% of the water was usable by us (animals). But in that water, 96% was in the form of rivers and lakes. Rest of the water only  we are using.
  •   If we built a wall with the salt in the sea water, the wall's width would be 1 mile and its height would be 160 mile Because 4% of the sea water was salt.
 Once platinum was not recognized as a precious metal, people thought gold is the only  costly metal and when they came to know about platinum then Platinum became the costly metal(Rich man's Gold). Like that today we are going behind petrol and not recognizing water.

 Human race searching water in Mars, we found only the proofs that water exist in Mars and samples of micro organism. In Moon we found water in the solid form  but Earth is the only planet have water and lifeforms exists together. Today we can buy water for money but in future this could reverse. But to buy water you need water, so save water , save earth and let earth live long.


  1. you forgot to write about the safety of the mineral water, because the excess amount of minerals could cause kidney problems.. packaged drinking water is what?.. many of the companies not mentioning what kind of purification done to that product..any ways good work man

  2. Ganges 0 oxygen dirtiest river on earth? .. man what is our government doing..


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