Amritsar Images

Amritsar NightDescription: Amritsar Golden temple glowing at night.

Amritsar Night 2Description: The Golden temple looks like a golden lotus in this night.

Amritsar eveningDescription: We can call this "ship of Sikh". A crowdeed evening in Golden temple.

Amritsar Golden Temple Description: Enlightening lamp, Gold?.

Amritsar Golden Temple interior LightsDescription: Inside the Golden Temple.

Amritsar Golden Temple exterior Description: Golden exterior of the Golden Temple.

Amritsar Golden Temple Top viewDescription: A view from the top.

Amritsar Golden Temple,Amritsar GurudwaraDescription: A twilight view .

Amritsar Golden Temple entranceDescription: The Golden temple Red carpet.
Amritsar Golden Temple kitchen lentils curryDescription: Golden temple kitchen.
 Description: Pulsating images of Amritsar the   spiritual capital of Sikh.

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