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Endosulfan  the dangerous pesticide, More than 70 countries banned
Endosulfan. But India the largest producer and consumer of this killer pesticide. Our Ignorant Indian farmers still using this harmful Pesticide, our loyal bureaucrats and officers letting them to use, Politicians don't care about them, But everyone in this country  was affected directly or indirectly by this  pesticide. Endosulfan is just one harmful pesticide,There are many killer pesticides available  in India. Most of our farmers not returned to organic farming and most of us even have no idea about Organic farming

Green revolution...: In late 60s, Green revolution struck India. The only moto of this Green Revolution was to produce more and more food grains. So they did not took care about the seeds, Pesticides and the effects of  them. Probably India became(still it is..) the large market place  for the pesticide and fertilizer sellers and most of them was banned in other countries. In some cases India became a testing place, This is not Green revolution. We can call it a Blue revolution(Toxic color..)

  • Kerala the only state banned Endosulfan, Of course after a chain of rallies by NGO s.
  • The value of  Endosulfan market in India is 1 million dollars.
  • Animal tests nails the Pesticide, Human illness found in some cases, Unknown diseases in human kind. Every other day in India someone affected by Endosulfan.
  • Even though many blowing the whistle for Endosulfan, It seems  Politicians benefited by the sellers, that's the reason why Endosulfan is not banned in India.

    Effects of Endosulfan Pdf

    Endosulfan is just one pesticide, But there are many pesticides available out there. 
    As far as the Manufacturing companies, this market is big and profitable. As far as politicians  its a beneficial deal. As far as the farmers, Endosulfan is just a pesticide. As far as to us Indians (including politicians) we are eating poison ... 

    The only thing we India have to do is go back to our traditional Organic farming. That's the Green revolution we want today. Everyone of us need to act on this, Be a whistle blower.


    1. Not only Endosulfan all the pesticides are notorious killers. Their impact on soil, water beings and man is very severe. Now the studies have shown that Endosulfan is in the Air. So the situation is Eat, Drink, Breath Endosulfan.
      Despite the facts are well known to all the people in the power (including the officials) are not ready to ban them. We have proven solutions for the problem of Pest. But theses solutions will not pour dollars in their swiss account nor will help their kith and kins to get a western world job/study.
      Only the people have to raise the voice. Until that happens we should be prepared to see our children end up with male infertility, removal of uterus with additional repairs in their internal organs as bonus.

    2. India has stood by a chemical which has a history of 55 years. This pesticide is the only generic pesticide which is effective as well as affordable to the farmers.
      Don't you think you need to add some common sense to understand why all the negative effects of Endosulfan are seen in Kerala which has banned it years ago. Other states in India do not see any such problems and still continue to use.
      There are scientific researches which clearly show that Endosulfan does not accumulate in nature.

      Yess!! if you drink a pesticide, it will surely kill you. That stands true for pheonyl too. Do we ban them too??
      FYI the document you have refered is a complete fraud report. It has clearly fabricated every fact for vested convenience. You can check it with the WHO report

      Endosulfan is been forcefully banned by the EU for personal trade interests

    3. Hey Leo cheers, Can i ask you one thing.. What if we not use endosulfan? our farmlands will not survive without endosulfan? .. ahy you guys not understand about organic farming.. be friendly with nature.. don't use or suggest any chemicals to farming.. mind it they are just killers.. and you asking about drinking phenol.. Leo so drinking poison drop by drop is safe?. so u tell us to drink slow poison?

    4. nachu commendra thambi

    5. We people of India are careless about what goes into our food , maybe because we have been blessed by a good soil and abundant crops which were always healthy.

      Chemical fertilizers and pesticides often get into the crop and then into anyone who consumes them this is outright dangerous to the entire nation and hence needs to be handled very carefully.

      It is much better to rely on organic fertilizers and pesticides.


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