Facebook-The Internet

Facebook-The Internet 

Face book, the big Blue  f  of the internet. the only strong opponent to Google. Face book was the most criticized website around internet,That means everyone afraid of it. Because as a social website Facebook, creating wonders everyday.

  •  I was forced to use my Facebook account to download the HDFC bank's TPT(Third party Transaction) form from a website called Docstoc . Which means, Facebook replacing my g mail. Facebook Banking is not so far, I guess.
  • Zynga (heard of Farmville game...) the famous game website accepting Facebook credits instead of currency and credit/debit card. Which means, in future we can use our facebook credits in ebay too.
  • Groupon(Group+Coupon) a website depending  Facebook users, The idea of Groupon is simple, A sponsor announcing that if you bring 1000 members you get the offer .. Which means,  bring your friends and get discounts in sponsored offers. If you feel this is stupid, then zip it.. It is huge hit in US, In some shops cops assisted to control the huge crowd. Google try to buy this website last month. Eventually.. Since then It attracted investors too. Now Groupon only available in US, Soon groupon will extend its service all around the globe.
  • Every almost all websites, Blogger s, Forums  linked with Facebook, Every website have a Facebook fan page. Celebrities, Politicians, all(don't no any alien have a Facebook account..) have Facebook accounts. 
We have to accept, Facebook rules the internet.

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  1. as a blogger you are rocking arun.. really this is damn good. i rate u 10.5/10..

  2. There is a bookshop called facebook .


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