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After the Facebook effect, Egypt finally free from Dictatorship. An Egypt civilian  Jamal Ibrahim named his baby daughter as "Facebook" and Jamal Ibrahim said, what Facebook did to my country is great.I want to thank Facebook and remember forever, so that i named my baby as "Facebook". this proves that Facebook emotionally attached with Egyptians.

As a social website Facebook did many things in internet and dominating the whole web space, but now to Egypt(and other regions..)its more than a website. Facebook and Twitter are making history  around the globe,
Facebook changing governments.
  • Who knows they could name a city as Facebook. Already a website named  a small town as their website name( in US)  for marketing reasons.
  • Lets think this way, If a guy met his girl friend in Facebook and he got married her, Then he could name his child as Facebook. If that happens there are many human Facebook could exist in the future.
  • But seriously speaking, People named their leader's name,  lord's name, to their kids. But now websites inspiring them, that's the great evolution.
  • In future classrooms, there are many Facebook s gonna exist.. that's for sure.and they gonna say My name is Facebook.
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