How much Your City Costs

Ex Googlers (Ex employees of Google) rocking the web and this website was also from an Ex Googler called Mladen Adamovic(Ireland). Numbeo is dealing with Cost of living in world cities.Simply saying,how much a egg cost in your city? and other cities ?. Like this you can find all kind of prices and comparisons in this site.
  • Numbeo looks like a basic HTML site, Have no flashy images and animations. Pretty normal site with huge amount of info.
  • Users can update the cost of living info of their city.
  • we can find Hotel fare, Apartment rent, Food prices and egg price too.
  • We can compare the prices of our city with all world cities.
  • This site very helpful for travelers and
 I did my cost of living comparison,and i had my results.. something like this...

  • $1000 in Madurai is $4321 in New York.
and More
  • Consumer Prices in New York, NY are 206.87% higher than in Madurai.
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in New York, NY are 356.72% higher than in Madurai.
  • Rent Prices in New York, NY are 1,678.00% higher than in Madurai.
  • Restaurant Prices in New York, NY are 563.85% higher than in Madurai.
  • Groceries Prices in New York, NY are 204.02% higher than in Madurai.
  • Local Purchasing Power in New York, NY is 316.29% higher than in Madurai.
Cost Of Living huh..