Kidzui - A Browser for Kids

Kidzui - A Browser for Kids

Internet is the biggest trash in the world, there are good and bad but we can't easily filter the good things. Parents are the worried people about what their kids viewing in internet and always looking for some thing to monitor their kids.

Kidzui a browser for kids, we can say it a Browser for parents.This kids browser only show the safe contents even in YouTube. with this kids browser, parents can monitor their kids and in fact this browser acts like a parent.

  • All the sites and web pages allowed here were tested and they are kids friendly sites..
  • Even YouTube videos in this browser are safe and kids friendly.
  • Kids friendly Games for kids.

 Then your kid in a safe zone in internet.So don't be afraid of the internet, let your kid browse the web. But make sure your kids using only Kidzui.

But many parents treat their kids as kids for long time (sometimes 21..), I prefer its only for kids under 14 or 15. If you have a teen kid then look for sonmething else.