Sound Cloud-YouTube of Sound

Internet is a silent place, Even the 3rd generation internet users use the web for file sharing and surf. Sound is irritating in internet, That's what many believes and a website with sound is uninvited for many. But there is a website
Sound cloud - YouTube of sound

 A musician started this site for musicians looking to show their talent and get their own fan base.  we can see (hear) many fresh voices and instrument sounds around this site, Few looks crap but still the real artist will reach his audience with.

  I like the comments part in this site, its like marking the best part in the sound file. It looks different, Files are loading so quick, so that's also looks good. But the content is what important, its hard to stay for a long time in this site to me.

Sound cloud Apps also available for I Pod and other android gadgets. we can create our own too.

  Sound cloud  is an user dependent website like YouTube, User participation is the most important in this site. Users should share unique sound files because there are many mp3 sites available around the web, So many like me can easily say "this is an another mp3 site".