View Your YouTube Videos in 3D

View Your YouTube Videos in 3D
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Actually its very easy, You don't need any software knowledge for that.
Here is how to view your YouTube videos in 3D:
  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Select the video uploaded by you.
  • Find the tag section and add this tag yt3d:enable=true .
  • Now your video is turned a 3D video, you can view in YouTube and share with others.
  • You need 3D glasses of course.
 This is the easy way and you'll get 3D..and if you looking for other ways..

View 3D Without 3D glasses  But with Pain:

After doing the above steps,
  • Look for 3D button in your YouTube Video and click for options.
  • Select the Other options and you'll get a set of 3D options.
  • You'll see 3 set of options. 
  • first one is 3D glass viewing that's pretty easy with 3d glasses.
  • Second set of options for  3D monitors or TVs. 
  • Third is No 3D device.
  • If you select the No 3D device, then you'll see 2 screens in your video.
  • Try to see the left video with right eye and right with your left eye and this is so painful(Who is the dumb that added this feature?).I don't recommend this..
  • Better see with 3D glasses.
You can look for more 3D videos in YouTube through this..