Nov 18, 2011

Atomic Energy is that needed?- Do we have the Right to Live?

Atomic Energy is that needed?- Do we have the Right to Live?

Koodankulam protest is the latest people movement for in India.. Its not against corruption or politicians but to their right to live and what should be there in their backyard.  Let see something else..
Alternate thoughts
  • We are losing 40 %(approx. 60,000 mega watts) of electricity during distribution, which is only 7% in Sweden. Why should we stop the  lose?.
  • Many accepts that Solar energy and wind energy are the safest sources to produce electricity(Dr.Abdul kalam said too.)
  • As we know and even the school kids may know that solar energy is the cheapest to produce electricity and its available everywhere in India. Then why we are investing Rs 13,400+ crores (Koodan kulam alone..) in nuclear power plants.
  • Mother nature gifted us all the natural resources and we ain't live in middle east or Antarctic.We have enough water,wind,Solar energies and coal too.
We should know..
  •  America,Australia,Germany,Japan and many countries started shutting down their nuclear plants.
  • Germany already getting 20% of its electricity through solar energy.
  • Chernobyl disaster  had 57 deaths directly and 2000+ lives were gone because of radiation.
  • As we know,Uranium is the key ingredient in nuclear plants and we have an Uranium mine in India too.. Jadugoda, Jharkhand. Nobel winning medical crew says that the villagers around these mines have many infertility, cancer..which is above than national average.
  • The Nuclear waste would be the another big issue. Nuclear waste is more radioactive thing and non destroyable. Nuclear waste's active Lifetime is 30000 years.
  • Will any dumb in the world.. try a roller coast ride to New york, where he can go in a much safer ship or flight? .

Now come to Koodankulam nuclear plant...
  • The people of Koodankulam not accepting the whole nuclear plant thing and Govt. not stepping down.
  • OK let the Nuclear plant run people... But 
  • With one condition.. PM and all the VIP s of India should  relocate their permanent residence to those villages and their(PM and VIP s) kids should be  study in the nearest schools with those village kids. Would they?.
  • OK forget about safety issues.. In Indian democracy. Do we have the right to live? .. Even the whole safety checklists are OK and  Nuclear plants are the safest place to live doesn't matter..
  •  Don't we have the right to decide what should be built in our backyard?.

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