May 4, 2012

Paper Man - School kids saving tree

Paper man
Paper man an NGO from Chennai pushing school Kids to field work.. For a good cause though.
  • 60 Kg paper  = one tree and 600 Kg  is 10 trees. That's the numbers to encourage kids to save trees. 
  • The concept is so simple..They pick school Kids collect old  papers - selling it to paper man with that money they educating poor kids and importantly they recycling the paper and saving the trees.
  • Not just school kids, We can also recycle paper. we can find the nearest paper man in our city with their website.
  • You can be a coordinator or involve in the paper man of your city.

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  1. brillante idea. Como puede expandir el movimiento en mi pais

    trabajo en reciclaje de papel con los niños en la escuela



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