Jan 10, 2013

Android and Windows - Historic similarities

Android and Windows -  Historic similarities

Google Android and Microsoft Windows
  • Android dominating the mobile OS market like Microsoft's windows dominates(ing) the personal computer OS market.
  • There is a strange similarity, Both of them competing with Apple's products (the original). Microsoft Windows with Macintosh and Google Android with the IOS.
  • Android comes for free for end users. Its Open source.
  • Windows also comes free. Though its a paid product many uses the cracked version. I don't know, how they easily crack windows. Microsoft admitted this fact in different words too.
  • Google Android  surely come to the PC OS market in the future (If Personal Computers are exist..).
  • Windows already in the mobile OS market but not in the top nor bottom.
  • Android OS Makes it possible for many small brand players  to do a respective business in Smart phone/Tablet market. Brand android covers it all because I've seen a China tablet got only the android logo instead of any brand name. Many  recognize the names Karbonn,Micromax devices as a brand for android sake.
  • Windows OS  makes it possible for many small hardware companies to do a respective business in the market because the brand Windows covered it all. many new hardware brands like Zenith,Mercury,Intex were born and now they are known brands.
  • Having Said that, both have no real successful hardware products yet. That's why may be the Apple products seems one step ahead?.

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