Jan 24, 2013

Secularism in Facebook - A Facebook Quote

Secularism in Facebook - A Facebook Quote

"Secularism is not that you can’t Hate other Religion,caste or Race..
Its just don’t share it in Facebook"
                                                  - Arun Alwar 

  • Look like funny,I'm not funny, really.
  • Secularism is what the base of  Indian democracy.
  •  But no one understands that, most of the issues comes up because of non secular statements and acts.
  • Politically India still have  the English strategy  "Divide and Conquer".
  • Political parties doing the non secular way of  vote bank politics by separating people or encouraging separatism for their survival.
  •  The hardest truth is everyone have some thought like religious,caste oriented or something. 
  • Many of us spreading these type of crap  in Facebook.
  • If you can't erase them, then just don't share it in public domain.
  • At least don't share it in Facebook.
  • I may keep it simple,  You know what Will Smith says to robot in his movie I Robot.. "Do me a favor, Keep that kinda s*** to yourself".

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