That's why Quantum Physics sounds like Religion

Quantum Physics. The fascinating and the out of the box science concept.
Definitely it's not the conventional or a conservative science. It creates the new path to our conventional science to think and evolve. If all the theories of Quantum Physics were proven, we definitely rewrite our science books.
String theory - that's why Quantum Physics sounds like Religion

Image Description: String represents the unified physics theory. The String theory. String is the smallest (inside electron quark and inside quark String). This is the everything, micro/macro.

  • First and foremost, "I can safely say that nobody understands Quantum mechanics" - Richard Feynman. Yes it is that complicated.
  • According to Quantum mechanics, Death is an illusion. You definitely heard it in religion. According to Hindu or ancient religions like the Egyptian say the similar things that Death is an illusion.

  • Collective consciousness: Our universe is nothing but a collective consciousness. In Hinduism they call it "Sankalp" (consciousness) , the whole universe and happenings are the conscious of Lord Vishnu (Sankalp of Vishnu) *.

  • Robert Lanza says, space and time are our tools of our minds. In his theory of Biocentrism he says, death is happening because we are believing in Time, space and death.

String theory supports the Parallel Universe concept.

  • Parallel world/universe: There is not just one me (you too), there are many me s simultaneously in different words /universe. Not an alien like the Pandora Navi Avatar. This is just you or me as many me s and you s.
  • You can find this multi universe ( multi verse) concept in the Hollywood flick "The One" Jetli starrer. Even though it's a "no watch once movie". The concept is multi universe and the hero travel across multi verse.

Enough I think. It seems bizarre but it is a possibility for sure.