X-men of India - India's Powerful Persons

X-men of India - India's Powerful Persons
India,of course a democratic country..where everyone have equal rights and every single Indian is a ruler of this country. that was the constitution ..But a bunch of guys only having the powers. Who are they? Who could be they are?.. Let see..
There are Two types of rulers in India..
  1. Billionaires
  2. Politicians
According to Forbes magazine,there are 22 billionaires in their top 400 billionaires list in the world. As we know Billionaires can influence anybody,any thing(even Govt.). of course billionaires are humans,they have close relatives,friends,family,secretary and many humans as connected.  Probably these men/women also have that great powers.approximately,at least..25 persons would have those ultimate power.
in numbers...
As per unwritten (un)democratic rule, Politicians have extreme powers in India.They can influence almost any thing or every thing. We have two types of people representatives
According to the constitution, There is no difference between M.P s and M.L.A s..They are people representatives. Actually they have a big difference.. in sharing the power. M.P s are bit powerful than M.L.A s. So M.P s/M.L.A s have some close human relations with their power
in numbers..
  • 545 M.P s(Member of Parliament)* 20 = 10900 men/women.
  • 4215    MLA(Member of Legislative Assembly)s *10 =42150 men/women.
The difference between Billionaires and Politician..
  • Billionaires are permanent, they can influence at any time (any party's rule). Money power and they can control anyone.
  • Politicians can decide the fate of this country.. They say, Politicians can become business men but business men can't become politicians.
 Definitely, There must be many billionaires but these are top of them.
 Billionaire's power circle   -       550       
Political power circle    
M.P 's Power circle     -  10900
M.L.A 's  Power Circle - 42150
 in Total                         =53600 .
According to me these men/women can do almost anything. that's why they are  India's most powerful persons  and The X-men of India.

P.S : Film stars are not excluded because most of the popular stars are in politics. So ,they are politicians.
The numbers may differ and its a personal view with curiosity.


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