How to earn money while you are in college

College years can be very exciting on several counts. However, a vast majority of students find that they are always short of cash and barely able to manage their expenses on a month to month basis. This is because of increasing cost of education that has become almost prohibitive now. Whatever is provided by parents never seems to be enough to allow them to enjoy as much as they want with their friends on and off the campus. There is no need to worry if you are one of these thousands of students as there are multiple ways to earn money while you are in a college.

1. Become a tutor

You are still a student but you have acquired knowledge and skills being in a college that you can use to give tuition to junior students. You can make use of your free time to teach a few students and earn good amount of money to meet your expenses. If you are a good student, you will find tutoring is easy for students who are struggling with their subjects that you have already mastered.

2. Assist a teacher in his research

There are always a few teachers doing their research in a college. If you have good relations with your teachers, you can easily become a research assistant and earn decent money. This is a job that does not take much of your time and effort as you can easily compile material, analyze data, and research on internet to provide invaluable help to your teacher. Good thing is that you can do all this work simultaneously when you are on the campus.

3. Earn money as a freelancer

Easy availability of fast speed internet and emergence of websites allowing people to work as a freelancer has given a new source of income to students all over the world. Whether you are good at writing or possesses IT skills, you can earn great money by completing projects of employers and sending them over email. Many students are earning income writing as a freelancer and you can use your knowledge in your chosen subject to do the same.

4. Become a guide for new students

New students keep arriving every semester in large numbers. These students are nervous and do not know where to go and meet the people to get their work done. You can help and assist these students and charge money in lieu of your services. Your knowledge about the campus and the amenities can come handy if you start to give college tours.

5. Help in transportation on the campus

All colleges and universities find themselves short of manpower when it comes to transporting people around the campus. There is also furniture and equipment that needs to be transported from one place to another inside the campus. Some colleges operate shuttles to bring back students from all parts of the city back to campus. You can offer your services for this transportation and earn attractive amount of money from the authorities.

6. Work for campus IT team

Every college these days has a fully developed IT infrastructure with dozens of employees working in it. However, even this team proves insufficient because of the sheer numbers of gadgets and internet related equipment that is used on the campus. If you are proficient in computers and IT, you can offer support to the college IT team and earn up to $15 for every hour of your time. You can make yourself available to college IT team for 1-2 hours daily to earn good amount of money.