Mar 4, 2011

Living under a Giant Cellphone

Living under a Giant Cellphone 

Cellphone rays cause serious effects in humans

Imagine a house inside a huge cellphone and what it looks like... Cool huh.. Guys.. A small cellphone can cause  cancer in few cases then a giant may ?
Who is going to build a home under a Giant cellphone?.. Ha ha ha ... You asking this right..
Now look out the cellphone towers, where they standing, top of the buildings... Ha ha ha .. Now who is laughing...

  • Many homes and buildings in India having huge cellphone towers the top(Now imagine a huge cellphone.). The service providers paying 5000 to 10000  Rs per month. 
  • I just came to know this, When a tower guy approached me for build a cellphone tower in my house.
  • Even though there is no numbers to explain about the radiation and problems till now. But there is no need for a cellphone tower in your home. Need signal come out and talk. 
  • Tell this to everyone you know.. You still not believing then Live in a Cellphone.
and remember.. Don't live inside a Cellphone
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