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Mobile phone the unavoidable word in this century, approximately 3500 million people using mobile phones, in 2015 AD 90% of the people own a mobile phone. But how many of us using the mobile services completely?, for those people here are some essential service codes & numbers.
Imagine a place no network coverage, strange and insecure to you,
there you can dial 112 and it will make a connection to the nearest network coverage provider then you can dial the local essential service numbers. These numbers work even your mobile phone keypad not functioning.
♦ If you forget to charge your mobile phone and you need it?.. Don't worry dial *#3370#, in few seconds it will get 50% charge, it is nothing but reserve battery of your mobile phone

Some of the secret codes for Mobile phones

  • To know your mobile software = *#0000#
the first line refers the version of the software,
second line refers the issued date

  • To know the IMEI number = *#06#
  • To know the security code = *#2640#/li>
  • To know phone number = *#100#
  • To delete the operator logo = *#67705646#
  • To change phone time and game score = *#73#
  • To know the production code = *#7760#
  • To unlock the Sim card = *#4960#
  • To view the help menu = *#9998*4357#
  • To know the hardware version = *#8888# or *#9998*8888#
  • To know your Sim card info *#9998*746#or*#9998*0746# or *#0746#
  • This is the important one if you dial the code =*#92702689#
You can know serial no :, made ,purchasing date, repaired info, life timer, Mobile the danger Imagine the world 90% of mobile users (A calculation says in 2015 AD. 90% people have mobile phone), that is where the problem starts, mobile phone may become a weapon to destroy us. But that is not a problem now to worry, the problem is an authentic American survey says that high usage of mobile could cause cancer in brain, The results in shorter 20 minutes is enough If you use mobile phones more than twenty minutes continuously, it will affect the delicate nerves in ears(acoustic neurons), and cause changes in brain activity. Our brain tissues easily affected by the cellphone rays, if kids its really worse side effects than the adults and some Psychological problems like short temper, headache. So if you are a mobile phone user don't talk continuously, take brake to the next call. Disclaimer: This is public interest info, codes given above subject to change by service providers. We are not responsible for functionality or illegal use.


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