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Yahoo Movieplex - watch Indian movies
Yahoo always dying to show its presence around the web, This is another yelling of I'm here ..Yahoo movieplex.This service is pretty much the same of what  YouTube Box office . Yahoo version of Indian movie player. There is not much to say about, Let see the Difference between Box Office and Multiplex

  •    You hardly find any difference between Yahoo Movieplex and Google Box office,The first one is.. Movieplex is a yahoo product and Box office is a Google product(that's a big difference).
  • we can watch Bollywood movies in both of them, That's not a difference.
  • You can only watch newly (premium?) uploaded movies for a month only in Box office but in Movieplex once the new movie uploaded then its there till the Armageddon.
  • The movies are different, You can't find the same movie in both.
  • But YouTube is the ultimate video hub so it is better, So  veteran Google is really a better place than Yahoo multiplex.