Breast Pump

Breast Pump
How to select use a breast pump ?

The point of the consideration for choosing a breast pump are as follows. The sucking force should be appropriate and no pain should be felt in the mammary glands under the pressure exerted by the pump, with appropriate adjustment of its pressure. A pressure of 80 - 100mmHg is exerted by a baby. Sucking is not the same as pulling the nipple, so a breat pump with a strong pressure is not always considered good. The breast pump can be used successfully by:

* Warming the breast with a hot wet towel and opening the mammary glands by massage which stimulates the aureola.
* Expressing under the pressure appropriate for you.
* Stop expressing when the breast is four-fifth emptied ( Do not express longer than 20 minutes. The breast cannot be emptied completely.)
* Stop expressing when pain is felt in breast or nipple.