Corruption free India

India celebrating its 64 years of independence, in this very year our MCI chairman ketan desai was arrested in corruption allegation. At least we have to do something about corruption, those who have the same thought about corruption can report to
vigilance dept.In this website you can complaint about any department staff in India,any where from India. This website have the information about the complaints given by us and actions about our complaints and on. Latest update is about common wealth games, it seems this website active.
There is no zonal or branch office for vigilance,
Satarkata Bhavan , A-Block ,
GPO Complex , INA , New Delhi - 110 023
TEL : 24651001-8     FAX : 24651010     Email :

Right to Information Act:
There must be an answer for anything, but we have to find it. how many of us utilizing the Right to information Act?.Instead of making negative comments about corrupted India, Just ask for your answers, know your answers.An educated Indian should educate the uneducated, to know more about Right to Information Act visit the official website.

0 Rupee note :
   Most of us know this campaign but those who not,  the idea was first conceived by an Indian physics professor at the University of Maryland. His travel around India was an eye opener to him because corruption's roots went deeper everywhere. So he started working about it and 1997 he launch this zero rupee note campaign. Zero currency campaign now spreading around the world.


  1. Where i can get that zero rupee note?,can i take a print out of this image.. I never respect government staff for corrupting India

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  2. Corruption is a cancer in our country. Radia Raja Kalmadi .. s are VIP s.. in our country .. democracy?

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  3. how n where to make online money for free?

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